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  1. Voting by fans lackluster

    Associated Press

    OXFORD, Miss. -- University of Mississippi officials ended their search for a new mascot Thursday, citing lack of interest in the two proposed replacements for the ousted Colonel Rebel.

    Ole Miss will have no mascot at sporting events, but will continue to license merchandise with Colonel Rebel, a white-haired old man who carries a cane and resembles a plantation owner, said Barbara Lago, a school spokeswoman.

    In a vote to gauge interest in the proposed replacements, the university received just over 2,400 votes from the 40,000 students, faculty, staff, alumni, season ticket holders and athletic boosters who were eligible to vote, school officials said.

    "It is clear from the responses received and from general public discussion that there is no community support for either of the proposed mascots," Chancellor Robert Khayat said. "Therefore, the matter is closed."

    The vote was supposed to run through the weekend, but athletic director Pete Boone said the school decided to stop the polling early because of the lack of participation.

    "More important to the teams than any mascot is the support of our Ole Miss family," Boone said. "I regret that this has become such a divisive issue. It is now time to move forward."

    Lago said there were no plans to start the search for a new mascot next year.

    "Rebel Bruiser," a younger, pumped-up version of the current colonel, was leading in the election, with 2,080 votes. "Rowdy Rebel," who resembles a musclebound version of the bald advertising icon Mr. Clean, had 344 votes.

    Mississippi officials said a new mascot was needed because Colonel Rebel didn't look athletic or intimidating enough.

    The removal of Colonel Rebel has been met with disapproval by many supporters, who say the school is trying to abandon its Southern traditions.

    The university has stopped fans from waving Confederate battle flags at football games in recent years.
  2. LStUdent

    LStUdent Founding Member

    Sep 18, 2003
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    At least they got a chance to vote before thier mascot was ruined.
  3. AuNuma1

    AuNuma1 Founding Member

    Jul 31, 2003
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    Did you guys see the bald one?...it looked homo! And you're right, at least they got to vote before the admin ruined everything....sad time to be a rebel fan.
  4. Yeh, that bald one came out of left field..... where did they dig that up?
  5. Bengal B

    Bengal B Founding Member

    Sep 5, 2002
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    They could use Colonel Sanders and probably get some sponsorship money from KFC and all the fried chicken they could eat
  6. Goodlifetiger

    Goodlifetiger Founding Member

    Aug 27, 2002
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    He looked like Skin head. Take about ruinning the recuriting of minorities.
  7. burlesontiger

    burlesontiger Founding Member

    Oct 18, 2002
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    I smell a rat

    On the one hand, I am happy because it appears to be a victory for common sense versus political correctness. The people most affected have spoken (or DIDN'T speak), and the majority has won. On the other hand, I now get the feeling that the Ole Miss admin didn't really want the change, but it was being pressured from a certain minority group. The vote gave them an out....."We asked, they said no" type of situation. What do y'all think? I don't see this as just an Ole Miss issue, it would be short-sighted to do so.
  8. MobileBengal

    MobileBengal Founding Member

    Feb 4, 2002
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    But they still said that there will be no mascot at sporting events, only merchandise with the old colonel. Seems to me like it was still ruined. Are they planning on reinstating the game day mascot at any time?
  9. attigeratlaw

    attigeratlaw Founding Member

    Sep 16, 2003
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    Re: I smell a rat

    Makes you wonder if the proposed mascots weren't purposely designed to be "unelectable". Is it possible that Ole Miss provided only potential mascots that were so bad nobody would ever vote for them just so they could get rid of the debate? Seems like a longshot of an idea since it would have required some level of forethought and strategy- something we all know the Ole Miss athletic administration is incapable of.
  10. Bestbank Tiger

    Bestbank Tiger Founding Member

    Oct 18, 2002
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    I wish they'd ende up with Rowdy Rebel. That was the gayest thing I've ever seen in my life--and I can walk to the French Quarter!

    I'm a little surprised they didn't like Bruiser, though. He was basically Colonel Reb on steroids.

    The two finalists were picked from submissions by the public. I suspect whoever sent in that gay one was a Moo U fan.

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