One more salute to the offense from Saturday

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by Gold Nugget, Oct 14, 2010.

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    All season long (save the fourth quarter of the North Carolina game), the defense and special teams have been stellar. Even the negatigers , Sabanistas and opposing fans have reluctantly saluted those two aspects of the game. Conversely even the homers, and sunshine pumpers have conceded that the offense (while loaded with talent at particular positions) had been running in place and had to improve.

    Go back to the start of the fourth quarter Saturday in Gainesville. After going up 26-14, LSU gives up a kickoff return for a touchdown. Up 26-21 with under 7:00 left, the defense gives up an 80 yard touchdown drive jumpstarted by a 3rd and 8 completion for 51 yards.

    However,down 29-26 and the clock running below 4:00, the 'much-maligned' offense put togethor a gutty drive (with the help of a huge special teams' play) mixing running and passing, including consectutive passes from Lee in the end zone, which had not worked the week before vs Tennessee, the second one resulting in the winning score.

    This isn't a slap at the defense or special teams, but a salute to the offense. Much to the chagrin of Kirk Herbstriet, who while apologizing to the Tide fans on Finebaum's show yesterday for his subsequent correct pick of South Carolina and bemoaning many of Alabama's SEC opponents having a week off before playing UAT, harped on LSU's "luck" vs Florida, this team can have a big season.:geauxtige
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    Luck is part of the game. Just like injuries, bad calls, and bad weather.
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    Couldn't have bee stated better!!!

    For that matter, it was luck that had Florida in the game at all. It should have been a route.

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