Saban breaking his own rule?

Discussion in 'College Recruiting' started by uscvball, Jan 22, 2014.

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    Terry or anyone....what was Saban doing meeting with 2015 QB Rosen today at St. Bonnie's? Was Nick in Cali helping Kiffin pack up his Manhattan Beach home? Rosen tweeted about it, then quickly removed the tweet.
  2. cajdav1

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    An incidental bump.
  3. shane0911

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    couldn't be
  4. TerryP

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    I've not looked at the 2015 class that much but if memory serves me correctly on Rosen's high school...

    He would have been there visiting Damien Mama. (A recruitment that baffles me a bit with Mama planning on taking a year or so off for a missionary trip...but I digress. I've heard he's already given his verbal to the USC staff...)

    If I'm remembering this correctly, would he have met Rosen? I'm sure. I equally as sure he would have been talking to the coaches and academic people.

    The staff at St. JB made a pretty big deal of his visit posing for pics, posting them on various media outlets, etc. That kind of buzz around a high school campus? I've no doubt Rosen made it a point to get to the football offices. Wouldn't doubt one of his coaches made a point to make sure he was there.

    I saw this "break" yesterday with his tweet "I met with Saban..." Bruce Feldman got caught up in it on his twitter account and that's how I first noticed the buzz. When I saw that tweet from BF my first thought was "Isn't that where Mama goes to school?" I really didn't pay much attention to the story after that.

    In the end I'm speculating here, K. There are three stories that have my attention more than others; Elam, Evans, and of course Coker. I suppose it's possible the original tweet should have been "I met Saban" versus "I met with Saban?"
  5. mobius481

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    What is his rule?
  6. TerryP

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    The "Saban Rule" monicker was placed a rule instituted on head coaches back during the off-season between the 2007-2008 season. It's a rule that doesn't allow head coaches to evaluate kids, in person, during the spring. It's been added onto a bit with the "bump rule" for incidental contact.

    The rule started with Tuberville who was, literally, caught sitting on his ass during the late winter/spring of 2008. There were a few kids that were being recruited by Auburn and Bama. Tuberville was in Arkansas sitting in a duck blind while Saban was at high schools talking to kids, recruiting, evaluating, etc. They (AU) thought those kids were at the very least heavy Auburn leans until they committed to Bama—while Tuberville was hunting.

    Tubs brought up the legislation to Kramer, got Richt and Fulmer behind him, and the rest is history. All three of those coaches lost kids they thought they had.

    Here's a little side story.

    The following spring, after the rule was enacted, Saban started video conferencing with the kids. Tubs had no clue it was going on until he found out Saban was talking via video conference to some kids in Mobile. He found out because one of their linebacker coaches was told about the contact by a high school coach in the area.

    At that point (remember, this is 2009) Tuberville and Auburn came out with a statement about how they were going to add high speed Internet to the football offices so they'd be able to do the same. 2009!

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