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Discussion in 'Free Speech Alley' started by Tiger in NC, Dec 17, 2013.

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    Wait for it.....wait for it....


    I'm I the only one who doesn't want to hear anybody else give their two cents about Santa's race? I mean, don't we have anything more important to discuss than the race of a fictional character? I've tried every major news outlet and 3-4 days after the initial dust up they are still arguing over whether Santa was/is white or black.

    Here's your real newsflash: HE DOESN'T EXIST
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    Here's your real newsflash: HE DOESN'T EXIST
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    started because someone wrote an article that said the traditional white santa was confusing to black kids and someone from FOX said, no, Santa is most definitely white and you can't change that and it's been going back and forth since then with little other content aside from what I just described. after 3-4 days of it you start to wonder if we aren't completely devolving and should expect dinosaurs to show up any second now......again.
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    Sorry man. He really doesn't exist.
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    So what was the point of the article anyway? To only point out holiday mascot inequality or did it also propose a lame over-thought liberal solution?
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    Maybe the confusion is due to the fact that Santa Claus employs elves of all races and ethnic backgrounds. Just yesterday a saw a tall skinny black man dressed as Santa ringing a bell at the mall. He looked pretty unhappy. Everybody knows that the real Santa is a short fat jolly white man. Since Santa Claus lives at the North Pole, he is a neighbor of Superman's Fortress of Solitude. They a good friends and Superman helps Santa to deliver all those toys on Christmas Eve. Superman is the only one who could possibly visit every home in the world in one night.

    Jesus is also white. How do I know? W have seen his picture many times. He is a tall, good looking white man with long hair and a long beard, maybe even longer than the beards of ZZ Top. In all the pictures I have seen, Jesus looks like he could be a rock star
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    I never read the original article
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