SEC officials not going to be invited to Dan Mullen's next dinner party.

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    Damn, i was at the LSU game so i didn't get a chance to see this game, but i had no idea that Florida benefitted from another blown call.

    this is the story about Mullen being pissed and making negative comments on the officials.
    Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen says SEC replay official blew call - ESPN

    here is one of Mike Slime reprimanding Mullen

    Seattle Post-Intelligencer: College Football

    apparently the last td florida scored was an int run back that was stripped before the goal line and recovered by MS ST. it was reviewed and not over turned. In the review it was obvious that he was stripped prior to the goal line and as soon as i find the clip i will post it.

    BTW: Good for you Dan Mullen, screw Mike Slime and his dirty group of slimy officials.

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