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    Week #1

    Well, just for you that are interested I decided to keep everyone up to date in college football just for the ****s and giggles of it all. I mean we all know that LSU stomped the hell out of ULL.

    But in other parts of the country we had such dismal games such as the who sucks worse game... Temple and Buffalo... This game was a match between the two worst teams in college football... and i am not just talking about last year... Temple who has only one 3 games since 2003 only two if you dont count Division 1AA Florida A&M... and Buffalo who went 1-10 last year last beating Kent St. 10-6 in Nov of 2005. These two teams are horrible and yet you where compleled to this suck-a-thon... as going into the 4th quarter this game was knotted 0-0... in true suck-a-thon fashion... Buffalo finally kicks a field goal with 7:38 to play after their field goal kicker had already missed two. Then Temple with 1:44 on the clock ties it up. This game goes into OT... and Temple cant get anything done... but Buffalo who managed 1 win last year muscles in a TD after 3 plays and the fans rush the field???? damn it sucks to be a Buffalo fan. Then again I am thinking it would be worse to be a Temple fan that is loss number 13 in a row... maybe next week guys... Oh wait never mind next week you have to play Louisville and then Minnesota... well looks like they could challange Northwestern for that 34 consecutive losses because they have one tough schedule.

    Anyway, out of the gutters but still on the sidewalk... did anyone check out the MSU / Carolina game on Thursday... the MAC game of the week... oh wait how could it be I didnt realize SEC schools played midweek games... come on that was just stupid... and then for south carolina to only put up 15 points on a State team that would have trouble with a high school team... I mean when was the last time LSU didnt beat State by 30 or more... well, it was 2002 when we only won 31-13... i mean crap the last time State managed to beat us was last millinium... and even that one was by one point... enough about that though...

    Was anyone aware that Arizona St struggled to beat Northern Arizona it wasnt until the 4th quarter that they could break the 14-14 tie... i mean come on...

    Or did anyone see that LSU's late season foe Fresno St. was not haveing an easy time with Nevada... but still ended up winning 28-19

    Iowa St. beats Toledo in triple overtime 45-43 after Toledo fails their 2 point conversion.

    Michigan beats vandy, Texas kills north texas, Florida pounces on So. Miss, Nebraska destroys La Tech, Ohio St. wins big over Northern Illinois, West Virginia beats Marshall, Auburn kills Wazzou, and USC throttled Arkansas.

    Now for some WTF games... Colorado losses to 1AA Montana St. 10-19... and 1AA Richmond blanks Duke 13-0 (spurrier put them in his preseason top 25 by the way), and finally 1AA Portland St. defeats New Mexico... is there any excuse for any of these teams to lose to a 1AA school... i mean come on where is your program on yeah 2 of these school are BCS schools... what does that tell ya?

    Bigger Games... Tennessee seems to be for real or Cal wasnt **** coz Tennessee Stomped that ass...

    Bama on the other hand has to hold off Hawaii with a late defensive stand to win 25-17

    Zona only beats BYU by 3 with a last second field goal.

    Ole Miss barley squeeks by Memphis

    Louisville destroys Kentucky, but losses Heisman Hopeful Michael Bush for the season with a broken leg... he had 17 rushes in this game for 128 yards and 3 touchdowns...

    Notre Dame plays well against Georgia Tech as defenses rule despite Georgia Techs reciever Calvin Johnson (one of the best in the nation).

    Finally we get to last night's Florida St. / Miami Game... FSU after a not so good first half come back despite their 3-10 half time score and wins 13-10 after holding Miami off twice at the end of the game... for those who saw it though, these are not the FSU and U teams of the past... this game was damn ugly for the most part...

    anyway... just wanted to throw some other college football out there for everyone...
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    would you happen to be the kid from brooklyn (incase some of you don't know who he is check out his site and see what he has to say)??? Do you hate the world of football????
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    An entertaining read but I disagree on the 'Noles-Canes game. I thought it was a hell of a good game. Speed, speed and more speed on both defensive squads.
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    Yea, I tend to agree. It was classic defense from both schools, with the secondary for the U being great, and the DEs and LBs from FSU running like halfbacks.

    Both teams are probably concerned about the lack of a running game, and the fact that the FSU o-line still looks terrible. Last year, they were hamstrung with screens and halfback dump offs because the line couldn't get it done. It was encouraging to see Weatherford FINALLY just throw it up to the WRs and let them make a play.

    I thought Kyle Wright looked much improved, but needs a lot of help to make plays. Tough to do when the aforementioned LBs and D-linemen are swarming like they were last night.

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