Some thoughts on the Defensive Backfield.

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by Unregistered, Oct 25, 2001.

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    The defensive backfield is not, and will not be as bad as everyone though/thinks they are. Some reasons are

    When LSU was getting smoked in the first few games, it was mostly Erin Damond getting burned. I hate to dis a player like this, but Erin Damond was covering Kelly Washinton, Erin Damond was covering Jabar Gafney most of the game. I think Demetrius Hookfin is actually a pretty good corner. Sure he has gotten beat, but every corner in the league would get beat sometimes covering someone for seven seconds like he has had to do. I think he is absolutly an SEC caliber corner back, and seeing as how he's only a sophmore(I think), he can develop into a damn fine player. also despite being so small, he has great tackling form, and he can really bring a load for such a little guy. With the move of Damian James to Corner, that has patched up a leak slightly. I also think the saftey and Linebacker coverage has been pretty good. Besides in the Florida game, the opposing TE's have not really hurt LSU at all, and the running backs have not done a hole hell of a lot out of the backfield. While the saftey's have played good, Lionel Thomas is not a great cover saftey, but he is a good run stopper. LSU has done such a great job shutting down the run this year, that they force teams to become one dimensional. Knowing that they are going to pass can really help a secondary. If the tigers can just keep up the pass rush, this secondary can turn into a average to above average unit, and with the great run defense, that will make the defense great.
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    I agree and have to said many of times that if we could get a decent pash rush we can stop the pass. Where are our blitzes???

    Clausen and Washington and Grossman and Gafney have made many-a-secondary look pitiful. I don't think Ole Miss will have the same luck.
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    Good points, but...

    we will see how well your DB's do when they go against our receivers who are bigger and more physical than Fla.'s or Tn.'s. Our receivers are also faster. Unlike Fla. and Tn. we throw to the TE and RB's on a regular basis. Eli doesn't just look for one receiver like Davey does. He averages about 8 different receivers per game. Our running game is nothing like the MSU team you guys just played. Our receivers hold onto the ball as well, and they do not drop passes that hit them in the numbers either. Our running game is physical to say the least with Charles Stackhouse at FB weighing 245 lbs, and he also a very good receiver out of the backfield. Ole Miss will attack your corners, and I see LSU attacking our safties because both of them are Fr. Taylor/Reed matchup will the best one this year in the SEC IMO. That will be an absolute WAR! Our defenses seem to be very similar in size, experience, and talent. I belive special teams will make the difference in this game with the edge going to LSU, but Ole Miss still wins because we have almost a 90% TD scoring average in the red zone. Talk to tiguhs later! Geaux to HE11 LSUX!!!

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