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Stone cold ET

Discussion in 'The RoundTable' started by tirk, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. tirk

    tirk im the lyrical jessie james

    I dont know anything about fake wrestling but this thing cracks me up.

  2. TexasTigers

    TexasTigers Are You With Me ?

    Hmm, Wrestling and White Castle.
    Makes sense.
  3. martin

    martin Banned Forever

    A genius merging of so many absurdities
  4. tirk

    tirk im the lyrical jessie james

    First off, I thought his arms were fake. Skinniest arms I've seen which made his finger look fake as well. Thought it was a prop.

    Long drive thru. She did say first window.

    Kicking will smiths ass in independence day and I robot was greatness. As was with a little onion with a little meat.

    Et said what?

    Great impression.
  5. shane0911

    shane0911 Veteran Member

    This was truly comedic genius. I should have known better than to watch this while eating a bowl of soup. It is now displayed all over my computer screen.

  6. martin

    martin Banned Forever

    I wonder to what extent wrestling fans like it as a self parody

    That's the bottom line!
  7. tirk

    tirk im the lyrical jessie james

    Everytime I watch it it gets funnier. How the guy doing the impression never laughs I don't Know. I cry when I watch it. When he starts using his hands getting into character it kills me.
  8. VampMuse

    VampMuse Freshman

    It was epic

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