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    We have a group of about 10 Gamecock fans making the trip down to your house to watch the game in October, and were hoping someone may give us some suggestions on pre/post game activities, i.e. best place to tailgate. We are coming over from New Orleans the day of the game and will be spending the night in Baton Rouge.

    Of all the places in the SEC I want to visit, Death Valley at night has to be THE one place that I have wanted to see. I hope the atmosphere is similar to that of our stadium (Williams - Brice) at night.

    We also look forward to a very good game, with y'all coming off of your SEC Championship (congrats) and Lou's boys primed to make a run.

    Any help with our itinerary would be appreciated.
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    Dec 12, 2001
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    Anouther one of your fellow cocks wrote about the same thing, it is on the second page.
    Here is the link:
    Your coming to LSU, park and party, the whole campus is a big tailgate, bring your pit and have at it. There is no place like
    DeathValley at night. So you need to enjoy.
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    Welcome to the board! Be sure to check back closer to football season and there will be plenty of advice for visitors.
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    I always like to stay between the Union and Death Valley...seems to be the most populated area, although you will find tailgaters anywhere with in 3 mile radius of the game.

    If you are not big on cooking and are looking for some pregame libations, be sure and check out Chimes and/or The Varsity located at the gates of the LSU campus. For dining fun try Sorranos which is right next door.

    Hope you enjoy your trip down, but have a long ride home ;) :D:p

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