TE, They execute no matter the defense,

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by roygu, Feb 4, 2004.

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    In your informative post below, on LSU basketball, you used Florida as an example of what a team should be if only we had a coach like Billy Donavan. I wonder if you staid around and watched the end of the game?
    I tuned in with about three minutes left in the game and Florida was up by eight points. I haven't seen a more ill prepaered team this year than Florida. They couldn't get the ball in bounds, they fouled KY away form the basket, repeatedly putting them at the line. Finally after KY had pulled within one point, on an inbounds play, the Florida player threw the ball to a Ky player who had no defender between him and the basket. He laid it in for the go ahead basket.
    Florida is a very experienced team loaded with HS All Americans.
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    Sep 15, 2003
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    I didn't see the game, so I comment about that ... but you aren't suggesting that Brady is a better coach than Donovan, are you?
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    Florida played very poorly in the last 2 minutes last night. They could not handle the pressure. They are a also very young team.
  4. Sourdoughman

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    I would have to disagree with you on this!

    I've never seen a basketball team offensively like this team has been from the 1st time we played Bama until the USC game at

    Keep in mind that I didn't get to see the last 2 games.

    The droughts and the puzzle of the zone has created more havoc
    than it should.

    I say LSU should look up more to Kentucky for an example than

    Kentucky lost some of their games because of only playing 5 or 6
    people which I don't totally understand.

    When CJ was a freshmen we didn't talk about how young this team is, thats an excuse!

    Syracuse won a NC in basketball with Carmelo as a fresh.

    I just don't buy that argument.

    I'm hoping that the drought is behind us for good and that we
    can continue to improve.
    It would be so exciting to see these guys rebound and go on a
  5. LSUstudent

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    Nov 7, 2002
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    "Syracuse won a NC in basketball with Carmelo as a fresh."

    Melo' is a freak...that is a once-in-a-lifetime case...that's like putting LeBron in college this year and his team winning a NC...if he went to freakin ULL, instantly, ULL would be national title contenders...u can't use melo' as one of your arguments

    "Keep in mind that I didn't get to see the last 2 games."

    Also keep in mind that we WON the last 2 games and our SEC record is BETTER than florida's
  6. Sourdoughman

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    I understand what your saying about Carmelo but your missing my point.

    The point is saying a team is too young is a cop out.

    Freshmen contribute in all of LSU sports and have impacts without
    being given the label of too young.

    How about Tommy Hodson for example?
    Freshmen starting?

    I'm not comparing LSU to Fla, If you read my post I was responding to his post.

    I would rather LSU basketball compared to Kentucky vs Florida.

    Look at all the titles Ky has compared to Florida.

    IMP, The Gators aren't really any different than LSU.

    Also Keep in mind the Bama game was blacked out here so I didn't get to see it and to be honest with you I haven't looked
    at the stats yet.

    But I'm happy with the last 2 games since we won.

    I wasn't trying to be negative but I just responded to this post because they were saying this team executes no matter what and
    I disagreed because of the 1st Bama game through the USC game.

    Do you agree with the post that says this team executes no matter what?

    I don't want to argue, As long as they are improved and don't have a drought like its been for part of the year I will be happy.

    I do watch ALL LSU games on tv and listen on the radio occasionally and hang out with you guys on the game thread.

    My mom has been here the past week so its been a little different.

    roygu's origional post.

    Clearance Cesear, Wayne Sims, Vernal Singleton for example of
    freshmans making a positive impact......

    Not great superstars

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