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    Mom Jailed For Sending Kids to Better School

    How many of you know someone who used a friend's or relative's address so their kids can go to another school. This is kind of ridiculous, fine her and move on, no need for a freakin trial, they want to talk about taxpayer money, then waste it on a trial. Ridiculous.
  2. mctiger

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    Asinine. Remove the kids from the school....the end.
  3. stegaman

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    I would agree that the punishment doesn't fit the crime, but that doesn't change the fact that she still committed fraud. Personally, I would kick her kids out of that school and fine her the amount of tuition that she owes the school for the previous years that her kids went there.
  4. Swerved

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    They did order her to pay. She told them to get screwed, after getting caught in a lie to cover another lie.

    What she did by lying to get her kids into that school was wrong, but not worth putting her in jail over. I personally know people that did the same thing around here to avoid going to a bad school.

    However... When they busted her she continued to lie and had her father submit false documents. When they figured that out and ordered her to pay the 30 grand in back-tuition and she told them to shove it, then she should have known what comes next rather than acting all innocent and overwhelmed. She made it worse by lying and thumbing her nose at them when she was busted. She's lucky she didn't get her dad locked away too. She made that choice and she could have prevented this, so for that she had it coming. You're damn right they made an example of her.

    Kinda like me getting a parking ticket. No big deal, right? But then I go to court, insist it wasn't my car, and even get people to lie about it. Then they bust me in the lie and they hit me with the fine. I then give them the finger and tell them to go phuck themselves. A parking ticket generally isn't worth jailing someone over, but they will gladly jail you over stupidity.

    I do feel bad for her kids who now have a mother in jail, on top of now having to attend school in a crappy school district.

    That's what happens. Sometimes you're the windshield; sometimes you're the bug.
  5. KyleK

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    So should we not waste taxpayer money to chase anyone? How about murderers, bank robbers (maybe nobody got hurt in the robbery and the bank is insured, right?), etc. Out of 100 or so investigations, she is the only one who thumbed her nose at the authorities. Ten days is appropriate. I wonder if she thought about the consequences of being convicted of a felony before it got out of hand. Now, the jail sentence is the least of her problems. With a felony conviction, she probably will not be able to teach after she finishes her last 12 hours of school. She will in all likelihood lose the job she has now as well. She's a thief, plain and simple.

    If she wanted them in that school, move to that district. When we moved here last summer, the number one governing factor of where we would live was the school district. We pay more rent for our 1100 sf apt than we paid for our mortgage in Texas. We are looking for a house now. Guess where?
  6. SabanFan

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    I agree. Mohair research is much more important.
  7. LSUTiga

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    Around here parents rent a house in the district they want their kids to attend. They've tightened up a lot though and will check residence to see if there is a stocked pantry, etc.

    Often there are court orders to balance racial balance in "racially identifiable" schools within a Parish. When our Parish did it they lost 800 kids to private schools @ $8,000.00 per kid in MFP money. Cost the Parish big.
  8. MLUTiger

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    The entire argument they make that it's for financial reasons is ended when it's revealed that a family member without children at his residence is within the school district. He's paid/paying the taxes despite not having kids at his residence. Financially it's a wash.

    If I was the dad, I'd sue the school board for the taxes hes' paid thus far despite not taking advantage of the school services. Then we can all act like dumb***es.

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