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    Good read. Thanks for sharing!
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    "Perhaps no other fact helps to illustrate the Tigers' ability to reload without fail, offsetting painful losses to graduation, attrition and the NFL draft with frightening consistency. Then again, perhaps another fact best explains this program's non-stop stride: LSU is 44-8 since the start of the 2010 season."

    "On paper, this is not a vintage team: LSU is too inexperienced, too questionable on offense and too young on defense to be viewed as Alabama's biggest nemesis. LSU doesn't care about what's on paper. Look for the Tigers to have their down moments, yes, but also look for this team to rock and roll against a premier opponent, catching someone off guard and totally remaking the SEC and national championship conversation."

    "In a nutshell: LSU reloads its arsenal for another run at Alabama, Auburn, South Carolina and the rest of the SEC. There is reason for optimism: This is what the Tigers do, by and large, and it's simply foolish – seeing that it ignores all the history and evidence at our disposal – to expect this team to do anything but notch double-digit wins, challenge for the SEC West crown and factor heavily into the championship conversation. Some things change; others don't. Death Valley will rock and roll, the Tigers will run the football, this defense will improve and the season will come down to Auburn and Alabama. It's on a somewhat untested and unproven team to answer the call."
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    Alabama is in the same boat but the media can't get Saban's midget balls out of their mouths.
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    Polls will still be meaningful. There will give us something to argue about from week to week
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    Where do you see a poll in the link?
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    I posted a review, Gomer.


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