USC being previewed today by CFN

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by DarkHornet, May 12, 2004.

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    They are talking dynasty, but at least they are willing to acknowledge that it's got something to do with the weak conference USC plays in.
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    These two paragraphs from the article tell you all you need to know. The new gutted version of the BCS is a perfect fit for USC, play cupcakes all year get ranked real high and play for a championship even though you haven't earned the right . If USC played in a small media market the BCS would not have changed at all. :dis: :dis: :dis:

    "There are three key elements to USC going on a sustained run. First, the coaching has to stay in place. Head coach Pete Carroll is in the perfect situation for him as he's quickly becoming a college football legend. Second, you need the athletes. No problem with that as the Trojans brought in one of the most heralded recruiting classes in history with the promise of more athletes on the way. And finally, you need a bit of scheduling help. Tennessee had all the pieces to go on a big run following its national title in 1998, but it's hard to break free from the pack in the SEC. With all due respect to the Pac 10, the league isn't the SEC."

    "The Schedule: No offense to Virginia Tech or any of the Pac 10 teams, but this schedule is way too light for a team as good as USC. There's no Oregon while Washington comes to LA. Be careful of Arizona State, Oregon State and Washington State, but a national-title team should be able to handle those two road tests. There's no one on the schedule that, on paper, should come within double-digits of the Trojans."

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