USC hires Steve Sarkesian

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    I know, right? Everyone knew or should have known O wasn't going to get the gig; especially after getting routed by USC. The obvious choice was Sark, who has previous ties to the program. Still though, the players and fans of UW have to see this as the ultimate act of betrayal, right? To bolt from Seattle to coach a hated conference rival? I'm sure their mindset is - if you want to leave for a better gig, fine. Just go ANYWHERE besides there. Anywhere - and that includes any other PAC 12 school. I guess for him, it's his dream job, but something tells me the people in Seattle couldn't care less.

    At least when it happened to us, Alabama's coach didn't leave here to get that gig, but it was still seen as betrayal that some still haven't gotten over.
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    Neither did I. Just shoot What a terrible choice. I wasn't thrilled with the names bouncing around but still....not what I was hoping for. Not even close. Sark is like Kiffin 1.5. I really don't know what the hell Pat Haden is doing.
    We lost to ucla....Coach O got outcoached on Saturday and our players got manhandled. The emotion can only carry you so far and then you have to play the game. They beat us at every phase. Coach O had to have that win and even then it might not have been his job.

    UDub fans are probably not that surprised or even pissed off. When Sark left USC, there was lingering succession talk about him coming back at some point. He has family in SoCal and his recruiting rep here is solid. They may also be waiting to see if Mora will dump ucla to coach at his alma mater (UDub) which he has said is his dream job. Honestly, the USC/UDub rivalry is decent, not nasty. I always liked the Don James Huskies.
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    Who were you guys hoping for? There weren't a whole lot of options were there?
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    I don't think I can speak for most fans. Seems we were a bit divided in who should get the job. I would say that if Coach O had won on Saturday, he would have been the overwhelming favorite and Haden would have been hard pressed not to offer him the job.

    Since Saturday the names floating around were Petersen and Franklin. Haden was in Idaho Sunday but Petersen withdrew his name this morning. Franklin seemed popular with a small minority but I was not interested. Del Rio was interviewed but I was marginally okay with that. It just seems that we went to the 4th/5th name which means Haden didn't close the deal.

    Charlie Strong is a name I supported but he didn't get much consideration. At this point, Coach O has resigned which is disappointing. It would have been nearly impossible for him to stay but I would have preferred if he did. Sark will likely bring Lupoi with him. Excellent coach and great recruiter.
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    You're actually right about this. I got on one of their boards today to gauge the sentiment and they were even talking about him leaving when Kiffin was fired.

    Why would it be impossible for him to stay? I guess it would be too awkward going from the interim head coach to a subordinate, but I think Haden even mentioned they wanted him to stay on in some capacity. Since recruiting is his strong suit, surely there would be a cushy job available to him doing that, which would allow him to save face. I guess not though, in his eyes, since he resigned.
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  6. Talk is, Sarkesian wants to take his whole UW staff to LA with him. He did fix Washington, so there's that to hang your hope on.

    Good luck, vball,.. but not too much :cool:
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    When Willingham left they sucked big time. Didn't take much to "fix" what was going on. I think a performance review of his time at UDub is just "okay". I have heard he is bringing Lupoi, Wilcox, along with the LB and DB coaches. I have also read that he might try to get Tim Davis back. I am good with all of that, although slightly underwhelmed.

    I think Oregon's biggest concern could be if Mora does take the job at UDub. He is interviewing according to reports today. He is a good coach and he can recruit.
  8. Contained Chaos

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    Didn't Sark beat SC in his first season at UDub? 2009, yes?
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    Yes 16-13. Barkley was out with a shoulder injury and Aaron Corp shit the bed. Sark was 2-2 against USC. We didn't play the Huskies this year.

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