USC's defense overrated?

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by superjb, Nov 25, 2003.

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    Oct 24, 2003
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    I think it was the all-time great Trev Alberts who said that USC's defense was 2nd to none behind OU, although I don't remember exactly since those analysts have made such morons out of themselves I get them confused.

    Anyway I decided to match up their national rankings.
    We all know LSU is #1 in rushing and scoring defense, USC is #3 and #19 in rushing and scoring, respectively. Comparable....if you don't count scoring defense I guess.

    What surprised me is that USC has the 101st best past defense in the nation. 101st!! Thats out of 117, and also 71 spots behind LSU at 30th. Their pass effeciency defense ranking is 23rd, only 18 spots behind LSU at 5th.

    Surely, one would think that USC has played better passing teams than LSU in order for those gaps to be so wide, well here goes their opponents' overall passing offense numbers.

    Auburn - 64th
    BYU - 102nd
    Hawaii - 4th
    Cal - 27th
    Arizona State - 57th
    Stanford - 113th
    Notre Dame - 97th
    Washington - 50th
    Washington State - 51st
    Arizona - 109th
    UCLA - 107th
    Oregon State (haven't played yet) - 15th

    an overall average of 78.1 in the nation for those teams played thus far. also note that 5 out of 11 of their opponents rank 97th or lower in passing offense. Only Hawaii is in the top 25. Impressive group there, right?

    Here's the opponents of LSU, who allows 67 yards less in passing per game, while allowing 5 less touchdowns and have a pass effeciency defense of 94.25 to USC's 109.42.

    LA Monroe - 100
    Arizona - 109
    Georgia - 46
    Mississippi State - 93
    Florida - 44
    South Carolina - 75
    Auburn - 64
    LA Tech - 25
    Alabama - 81
    Ole Miss - 22
    Arkansas (haven't played yet) - 16

    LSU's opponents average out at 65.9, or 12.2 BETTER than USC's, yet they still manage to have the better passing defense. Only 2 are worse than Notre Dame (USC's 5th worst) and 2 crack the top 25, albeit barely.

    LSU trumps USC in defense hands down, no questions asked, why was this topic even discussed?

    I'm just not sure what these analysts are analyzing, because it sure as hell isn't the numbers. And to think they're getting paid to do this!

    ps. I know I'm preaching to the quoir, but seriously what pipes are those a-holes hitting?
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    Nov 25, 2003
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    LSU is clearly the best defense in the country. I'll let you argue that Oklahoma is the best, but if you bring up anyone else's name, I'll pimp slap you!

    I agree that both Kirk Herbstreit and Trev Albert are both being paid by USC Alumni to toot the Trojan horn. Herbstreit even had the nerve to say USC has a great defense, putting it up there with LSU.
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    USC has the unfair advantage of playing team in a conference that only pass, pass, and pass some more. Add that to their conference that doesn't play defense, and it is easy to see how USC's D is overrated. Don't get me wrong, USC is a good team and deserves to be ranked high, but I don't think they should be ranked higher than the Tigers if we win the SECCG.
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    And, like my earlier post ... OU has not played a strong defense this year ... Texas being the best scoring defense #40 they have played. OU gets K-state in the Big 12 Champ game, K-state is ranked #7.

    Watch that game ... mighty OKLA ... myth or fact ... OU 20, ALA 13
    Tells me all I need to know.
  5. SabanFan

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    Oct 21, 2002
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    You punk Oklahoma and you pimp for USC. You shouldn't complain about the BCS.
  6. mesquite tiger

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    Sep 16, 2003
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    the sound you just heard was sabanfan bitch slapping ramah.

  7. ramah

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    I don't complain about the BCS ... It's what we have to deal with.
    It's a fair system that everyone is subject to ... and LSU has to beat the system to get to #2.

    LOL, A PunkNPimp, what a great name ... I like that. Sorry you got your panties in a bind over my obvious statistics ... keep running your suckr ... you have no response to ...

    OKLA 20, Alabama 13 & obvious stats.

    And, take your little coat-holding chihuahua with you.

    Size 14 steel-toed Wolverine Boot lifts arse airborne ...

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