Valentine cleared to play by the NCAA

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    Four-star defensive tackle Travonte Valentine has been cleared to play at LSU, his high school coach confirmed.

    Valentine tweeted the news Monday morning. Mike Tunsil, Valentine’s high school coach at Champagnat Catholic - Hialeah, confirmed the news with The Advocate.

    Valentine will arrive at LSU on Tuesday, Tunsil said. He’ll begin practice either Tuesday or Wednesday. LSU has a scrimmage scheduled for Tuesday.

    A team spokesman said that Valentine is “going through the final phases of the admission process” but has yet to be cleared.
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    Now we'll see if the guys already here are as good as their press clippings. I expect that Valentine will not jump up the depth chart like many expect.
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    Arriving this late, he'll redshirt, I'm thinking. He isn't even enrolled in school yet and LSU can't even give him a dorm room to stay in. He's got everything to learn and is late to camp with no summer Moffitt conditioning. If we get depleted by injuries and he learns fast, he might have to be put in late in the season. Otherwise, he's going to be a practice body this year.
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