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Virtual reality for spectators at sporting events

Discussion in 'The RoundTable' started by lsu99, Apr 8, 2014.

  1. lsu99

    lsu99 whashappenin


    The link implies that the following may be available in the near future (specific details added for effect):

    The upcoming Super Bowl is being played in San Diego on February 7, 2018. The Saints are in the game for only the 2nd time in franchise history, with Drew Brees announcing that he will retire after the game (win or lose). Tickets for the game are scarce and being sold at over $3k/each.

    With virtual reality headsets being more common in households and leading to improved development in many aspects of the system, the NFL is now offering a "virtual reality spectator" ticket for $10/each. Simply log on at home with your virtual reality headset and watch the game from the best seats in the house, directly on the 50 yd line.

    Everyone you see is actually at the game and their responses are real time to game action. The only exceptions are if you decide to "connect" with up to 8 friends that are watching the game from their own headsets. They can be anywhere in the world but will feel as though they are sitting right next to you. Talk to them, see their facial expressions, and even attempt a "virtual high-five" when Brees throws his patented screen pass TD to rookie phenom Fournette.
  2. Bengal B

    Bengal B Founding Member

    When will they have virtual reality sex headsets where you can hook up with someone even if she is across the country
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  3. mobius481

    mobius481 Registered Member

    I changed the question to the real question you were too scared to ask.
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  4. lsu99

    lsu99 whashappenin

    Just think about how much adult entertainment has changed in the past 15 years. In the 90s, the average 18 yr old had a couple of VHS tapes that he wore out for months/years. Now the average 18 yr old has seen thousands of different types of stuff on the internet and smart phones (some that they never wanted to see).

    I would guess that the next 15 years will be an even bigger change with virtual reality developments.

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