Wanted: a qb (any)

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by diehardLSUfan, Nov 17, 2002.

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    Oct 18, 2002
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    As I wasted 4 hours of my time last night and the whole day getting excited about nothing, I realized one thing. Our qb's suck. Every one of them. No, I take that back, Mauck is ok. After watching a bit of high school playoffs on Fri evening, I bet Woodlawn's QB could throw the ball farther and more accurate than Randall. Look, I know the guy is a kid in college and don't believe in getting too hard on him but I'm amazed that a program like LSU has him and Clausen as the "best backups that we've got". Is this poor planning on Saban's part with recruiting? I surely hope we burn the country for some qb's this offseason b/c we're gonna need plenty. And don't get me wrong, the team made plenty of mistakes too. But even with those, with a decent qb we could have driven the field on Bama. Watching Randall play, it's like on every series the people (including me) in my section were yelling b/c a receiver was open with his man 3 steps away, and Randall holds on to the ball. He needs to watch Rex Grossman or even Rohan for that matter, and watch how they hit receivers in stride. It's like Randall wants to wait for the perfect opportunity to get a completion and by the time he actually throws the ball, about 3 different occasions have already happened when he could have gotten a big pass.
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    Jan 14, 2002
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    Randall Sucks, Saban better make sure he is never under center again for LSU.

    I have seen enough of his fumbles, over throws and him throwing football 10 yards behind recievers.
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    Oct 21, 2002
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    Randall, Clausen and Harrison are all we've got for the rest of this year. Randall was given his shot at starting and has yet to make much of it. I hope Clausen and Harrison will be given a shot at playing because it will be a whole new situation next year.

    Mauck and Ricard will be returning and 2 or 3 blue-chip recruits will be in the mix. With 7 or 8 QB's there will be a logjam and someone will be transferring or changing positions. Those who have been tested and found wanting will have few further chances at playing.

    One of these guys needs to step up in the next 3 (maybe 4) games this year or all three may be headed for a I-AA school before August. I call it 50-50 right now that Randall will play with Southern next year.

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