we have the right to be upset BUT >

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by TwT, Nov 8, 2009.

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    Oct 11, 2009
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    mainly because of the calls or should I say none calls then the replay call on the interception suck's (in Bama game), but in the end, I remember at the beginning of the season in another poll I voted that the tigers would be 10-2 or 9-3 (can't remember) so in all with some of the games played this year it could have been worse with the way the team has played this season (remember the goal line stand against Miss. St. that saved another win), I will be happy to get a new years day bowl game, I was wishing for a National championship game but it was a long shot from the beginning, I understand people being upset but what did you think their final record would be before the season started?
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    If monkeys fly out of my ass, Ole Miss and Arkansas could be national champions.

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