We still don't have a QB

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by tboy, Oct 3, 2010.

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    While I think Lee gives us the best chance to win at this point he made a lot of mistakes. He is a better pure passer than Jefferson, but threw the ball off his back foot on several occasions, had a costly interception, almost identical to J.J.'s in a previous game, had delay of game called on him and grounding. It is a miracle that the ball he threw up in the air down the middle of the field on one series was not intercepted. All this in a few series as QB. It is only because J.J. and our offense has been so inept that we are willing to view his performance as good. Add to this our terrible play calling, penalties, etc., and I don't see how Lee can turn us into a championship team, but I will pray for a miracle. Who in the entire stadium and at home and in T.V. land didn't know J.J. was going to run the ball when they put him in the game at the end. Why else would you put him in the game? It reminds me of the penalties we accumulated in the red zone when we put Perriloux in the game. These multiple substitutions don't work because they tip off the opposition as to what is coming.
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    The guy hasn't played significant downs in almost 2 years. He may improve with increased playing time. He is definitely not big game ready just yet. He has earned the opportunity to show whether he has what it takes or not. At this point I think the jury is still out. The verdict is in on Jefferson, he is not the answer.
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    I think he needed to get the rust knocked off...I'm hoping...
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