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    This is the quote from the end of the ESPN recap of tonight's game. I can't help but to think that this was better for Miles than a 20 point win. I am so proud of our team. They came back and fought! This is LSU football! Never give up! I love it!

    And for everyone who has been overly critical of Jefferson, check out the numbers of tonight's game. Mallett was 17 of 39, 1 td , 1 int. JJ was 17 of 25, 2 td, 1 int. (and JJ's yards per catch were higher). Keep in mind Mallett is the QB that everyone is raving about.

    I predict a win in the Cap One bowl, a top ten finish, and the 4th 10 win season in Miles' 5 years at LSU.

    BTW, the Ole Miss loss ended up costing us very little in the long run, so this should be a lesson for us to keep things in perspective.

    CONGRATS TEAM! And to all you recruits out there, remember LSU has as many players in the NFL than any team in the country!


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