Would you pull for the SEC (Bama) if they make the NC Game

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by diamondheadtiger, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. Contained Chaos

    Contained Chaos Don't we all?

    bama fan can't count to 9, but then claims that our CG scenario is complex. Why are we not surprised?
  2. Pennsylvania

    Pennsylvania Go easy on me

    True dat. But 21-0 is boring, not gut wrenching.
  3. ROY_LA_CA

    ROY_LA_CA Founding Member

    It was gut wrenching for me!
  4. TigerTap

    TigerTap LSUsports.net

    The 1959 0-21 loss to Ole Miss in the Sugar Bowl was pretty bad I understand, maybe not Paul Dietzel's finest hour. But we get to see that Cannon's Halloween run from Game 1, every time we play Ole Miss.
  5. cwatsn

    cwatsn Loyal Servant


    Crimson lore? Georgia not so much? My God you Gumps make me sick. Your arrogance and superiority complex is of the typical Tide fan caliber. I would rather see Vandy defend the SEC than your POS team.

    Can't we ban these fuckers like TideFans.com does us?
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  6. FirstCoastTiger

    FirstCoastTiger FirstCoastTiger

    I will absolutely pull for whoever is playing Bama in the NC Game.

    I would like nothing better than to have "The Streak Was Broken by Nick Saban's Crimson Tide" as one of his lingering legacies.

    Plus I love watching Gumps cry...
  7. TUSKtimes

    TUSKtimes Riding the Wave

    Actually, the streak has been broken by LSU. But I'll be pulling for the Tigers in either the cap or cotton bowl. SEC pride!
  8. Kal-El012

    Kal-El012 Veteran Member

    F#&k Bama! If they make it to the NC game, I won't watch it.
  9. FirstCoastTiger

    FirstCoastTiger FirstCoastTiger

    Last I checked LSU was in the SEC smartass...

    Saban screwed LSU the way he left, he screwed the Dolphins the way he came in a left AND he will eventually screw you guys too. Can't wait to see how that all shakes out for you! :D

    So yeah, I will THOROUGHLY ENJOY telling people often how the SEC had a great streak going until Nick Saban ruined it for the SEC....
  10. TUSKtimes

    TUSKtimes Riding the Wave

    Nick Saban has Alabama poised to compete for their 3rd national title in 4 years. When he leaves, I think I'll just say thanks.

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