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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by katmandu, Sep 1, 2014.

  1. katmandu

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    Les Miles magic is alive and well as evidenced by another Houdini escape act Saturday night. Despite subpar first half performances in practically every phase of the game and a completely underwhelming start to the second half,..... a fake punt (and who didn't see that one coming?), ignited the Tigers who stormed back to completely dominate Wisconsin in the final quarter and win going away.
    The exception was the receivers and the defensive backs. LSU is way more than solid at both of those positions and as soon as Les Miles figures out how to best use Trey Quinn in the slot he will be a superstar. Durall is Odell Beckham 2.0 and Diarse is a beast in the mold of Reuben Randle and Jarvis Landry. And Dupre hasn't even seen the field yet....
    Jalen Collins proved to never give up on him as some were doing last season and Jalen Mills showed how much his maturity and leadership are needed. As for Tre White and Jamal Adams, Ronald Martin,, the defensive backfield is the absolute strength of this team.
    The offensive line had better get it together and we need to see Darrel Williams become part of the backfield rotation. The running backs will be fine once the line figures out what their assignments are, but three backs are not enough and Williams deserves a looksee.
    The defensive line looked confused at times and were out of place and the linebackers looked slow to react. I leave it to the "Chief" to fix these problems by the time Miss St. comes to town.
    This team HAS to get better to contend in the SEC west and for the CFP and I think they will. Fournette will find his footing and Jennings will settle down. I watched EVERY top rated team struggle on the first weekend against worse competition than LSU faced. The Tigers can do this and with our talent we can compete with any team in the country.....and if we run short on talent, just ask the "wizard" to pull another rabbit out of his very prominent hat......I wonder how many rabbits can fit under there anyway ????
  2. lsutiga

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    Miles has been know to pull a rabbit out his ass. :D Credit him for having the balls to call that fake punt. Not only that, the execution was there. THAT call changed the game.
  3. LSUDad

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    I told people that Peveto loves to use the trick plays, he told Les of a crease in the Punt Special Teams of Wiskey. I told everyone around me, an most knew it. Wiskey has to figure, but once again, couldn't stop it.
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  4. LaSalleAve

    LaSalleAve when in doubt, mumble

    Les Miles I feel is responsible for at least a few years off the end of my life. But as Maximus asked the Roman spectators, "Are you not entertained? Is this not what you came to see?" If you are an LSU fan, you have been entertained for going 10 years now. There is all sorts of drama, heroic comebacks, crazy plays, crazy choices, bloopers, wtf? moments, jubilation and agony.

    Why did I expect anything different. Geaux Tigers
  5. red55

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    They knew it was coming. They had their base defense in, not their punt return team. And they didn't stop it.
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  6. billman1167

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    Not just the years off my life, but the amount of $ spent because of the added alchohol I've had to consume. Saturday's are rough on my liver!!!
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  8. northernvatiger

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    Les is the best.
  9. ParadiseiNC

    ParadiseiNC don't worry, be happy

    until he messes w/the offensive game planning and handcuffs his OC. otherwise, yes.
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  10. J Smoove

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    They don't call him Les-ticles for nothing!

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