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Zero Dark 30

Discussion in 'The RoundTable' started by TexasTigers, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. locoguano

    locoguano Fear the Beard.

    I wasn't sure that I wanted to watch this movie... Didn't want to be subjected to some Hollywood Obama lovefest. After reading this thread I went ahead and downloaded the dvd screener (pay for a movie? ha!)...
  2. red55

    red55 curmudgeon

    the presidents job is to authorize the mission and take responsibility for it . . . Which he did. It is a lot more than zero.
  3. TexasTigers

    TexasTigers Are You With Me ?

    My point was Obama had ZERO to do with the tools, processes and methods used to FIND Bin Laden. All that happened before he was president. He put No program or policy in place that found Bin Laden. All that was done under a different administration. I tip my hat to Obama actually in his first election he talked about closing Gitmo and tearing down much of the anti terror policies of the Bush administration. Thankfully he lied and did not of it and continued the programs and actually expanded our drone program. For that I say Thank you Mr. President.
    He DID authorize the attack once he got some confirmation he was there. That was pretty much it. Oh believe me I think it is obvious he took responsibility for it.

    But the fact remains the couriers name was discovered and all the methods used to find Bin Laden was done by the CIA and Military and much of it LONG before he was considering a run for president.

    Some in the media try to make it sound like Obama killed Bin Laden. His leadership that is. Sadly that is not even remotely accurate. He said "Yes make it happen" once all the years of hard work paid off. For that I give him credit. I was surprised he had the stones, but I cannot help but he seriously weighed the political risk. It was a gamble that I will give him. He had the stones.
    But it paid off in spades for him politically. Hence all you hear from his "My administration killed Bin Laden"
    No Mr. President Seal Team 6 did and the CIA after years of exhaustive work did.

    NOte I am not anti nor pro Obama I am anti politician both republicans and democrats. I thought Bush was equally as pathetic as Obama.
    hence you never see me in the political forums.
  4. red55

    red55 curmudgeon

    And neither did George Bush. My point is that Presidents are responsible for certain high-level decisions, not tools, processes or methods, and people realize this. It is incorrect to say he had zero to do with it.
  5. TexasTigers

    TexasTigers Are You With Me ?

    Lets just agree to disagree.
    I am not one for political argument as I find it pointless. Kind of like those idiots who post political garbage on FB thinking people will read it and go "OH hey your right !!"
    Its an exercise in futility.

    back to the regularly scheduled programming - FIRE LES MILES ;-)
  6. locoguano

    locoguano Fear the Beard.

    Les just got a raise.
  7. gumborue

    gumborue Painfully Pessimistic

    Haven't seen it but heard there was a huge propaganda bent to it. Evidently they included water boarding which had nothing to do with getting obl. Waterboarding ...CIA, obl...dod.
  8. LaSalleAve

    LaSalleAve when in doubt, mumble

    Don't think there is any propaganda involved unless its pro CIA propaganda, made the United States chain of command look pretty foolish IMO
  9. martin

    martin Banned Forever

    Who told you water boarding had nothing to do with it?
  10. gumborue

    gumborue Painfully Pessimistic

    i cant tell you.

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