What is your fondest memory while...

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  1. hpmcdaniel

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    Aug 18, 2004
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    :crystal: Well let’s see there are many…….

    • Changing my major seven times so I could stay for seven years!!! (1986-1993)
    • My first LSU football game as a student (WOW chills)! :geauxtigs
    • My eighteenth B-Day at Murphy’s. :eek:
    • The Auburn game when the stadium registered an earthquake. :thumb:
    • Meeting Shaq when he was a freshman and asking which basketball team he played for, LSU or Southern…. He asked me if I knew who he was…. I said, sorry but no! :hihi:
    • Meeting all the LSU football and baseball players at the Tiger and the Bengal! LSU!
    • Coming home to a LSU football player in my apartment! ;)
    • Watching the LSU baseball team get in a fight at the Tiger during Spring Break! :tigbas:
    • The first time that LSU played Miami at Death Valley.. they brought the Hurricane with them. :(
    • Meeting my husband at the Tiger!!!!:grin:
    • AND getting my degree from LSU!!!!!! Finally!!!:geauxtigs
  2. LSUalum24

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    Dec 25, 2004
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    Doing two chicks at once

    /I keed. My favorite memory at LSU is my 21st birthday, or at least what I can remember of it.
  3. Geaux Girl

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    Jan 1, 2005
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    • I was always late for class and would always just park where I wanted and just give myself a parking ticket (stick an old one under my windshield wiper) hoping that they would think they had already got me. :yelwink2: I gathered quite a collection of tickets that I never paid until I needed my transcripts sent after graduation. Who knew how those things were adding up... I owed almost $500 :shock: Yikes, imagine the amount that it could have been if not for my clever self ticketing scheme. Right.:dis:
    • I found out that they kept monkeys on the 6th floor of the Science building and I would sneak up there and visit. I named my favorite one Bruce (a la Springstein) and I'd try to get him to play and once he stole my pen through the bars and when I opened the door to his cage to try to get him to give it back (ink poisoning fear), he jumped out on me :shock: :shock: :shock: I screamed and he went nuts running to all the other monkey cages and grabbing the bars and screeching and shaking their cages.... yikes! :eek: :eek: :eek: After a few feeble attempts of pointing to his open cage and sayin, "Here monkey, monkey...:redface: " I was backing out to make a hasty retreat and just shut that room off when I got busted by a cute grad student.:hihi: He was nice though and gave me a tour of the place. I saw little monkeys hooked up to electrodes etc.. Those PETA people would have a heyday.:bncry:
    • Murpheys and Fred's after closing there was a little man that would come clean up and he made a mint off of the money that was on the floor right under the bar...not that I was down there on the floor under the bar,but well take my word for it...there was always tons of loose change and bills. Everybody knew that it was for that little man though :):usaflagwa
    • The Producers was the band when I was there and I had the bouncer at Uncle Earl's that guarded the backstage door convinced that I was the lead singer's wife (Edie?)'s cousin ....and I could always get in back there and drink the beer provided for the band and their extended imaginary family members.:grin:
    • The Madonna Bruce Springstein exchange...got to dress fun and wear Raybans all night.:thumb:
    • That game where they threw all the oranges on the field. Wish I was a football fan then, I went to the games just to hang out in the student section. I still like to watch the student section and hope Elvis and Batman and crew never graduate or if they do that they will either continue to sport their festive attire or will pass it on to a worthy underclassmen.:thumb:
    I probably have dated myself (bow head from the 80's) and left off a few that I don't want to be remembered if I ever run for public office, but that is my story and I am sticking to it. Well, okay once this Deke bartender kept putting Everclear in our screwdrivers and was amazed at how my friends and i were managing until WHAM! It hit and we tried to ride the bikes back home that we had ridden there in and PWI (peddling while intoxicated) some kind soul delivered me and my bike to the approppriate front yard by following my friend on her bike as she road at breakneck speed through Tigerland. Okay, I can never be president now.
  4. Geaux Girl

    Geaux Girl Founding Member

    Jan 1, 2005
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    Okay one or two more... I know y'all were just praying for a few more...right.
    • My friend, who was part of the group that spray painted Phi Mu on a few cows on the bus route and was shocked by the apparent campus wide outrage (she expected a few Phi Mu's to be upset but not angry articles to The Revielle regarding a certain scratch sustained by afore mentioned bovine to the udder region) anyway we were forced to secrecy, lest our sorority get in trouble by such aggregious acts to a fellow sorority, and well back to where I was at the beginning of this ramblimg sentence.... My friend was barrelling around the curve on sorority row and somehow managed to go way up into the Chi Omega's yard and almost hit one of those huge columns before regaining the wheel and heading back to the street taking out a few scrub pine trees with her. Well she came running upstairs and was all worried because there was quite few bumps along the detour and what had she hit and had anyone seen her? and the logo? and aghhhh! Well, LSU Laurie to the rescue, I called the Chi O's and said I was "Officer Stacy Bradock, campus police and had gotten a report about a traffic violation and needed a full report... any injuries? NO. (Whew!) Anyone know the make or model of the car? DARK TRANSAM (Not even close!) Any chance it was Greek related...any fraternity or sorority logos visible? NO (Whew again!) Okay then we'll get someone out ther for a traffic report in a couple of minutes. (Don't hold your breath!) Good thing they didn't have caller ID back then..:thumb:
  5. Carface

    Carface What the...?

    Jul 14, 2004
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    Passing out in the grass outside of (then) the Element for about three hours.
  6. COramprat

    COramprat Simma Da Na

    Jun 12, 2003
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    I knew some more would come to me...

    Oh man...Free Speech Alley...Getting out of class Wednesday afternoon and picking up a 12 pack of Red, White, and Blue beer for $3.00 then sitting down at the Union to heckle. I always liked "Jesus".

    I had a job working as a barback at a local bar and we had a Hawaiian night. I had some of those cheap knock-off OP shorts on, and while I had a hand full of glasses, one of the bartenders grabbed my shorts and dropped them. Problem is my underwear came with it. So amongst cheers and jeers I just continued placing glasses in the rack then calmly pulled my pants up. I'm glad it wasn't cold that night.

    Sitting in the dark at my apartment because the lights had gone out and finding out the next morning my roommate was "under the influence" (not alcohol) and had hit the power pole. Put him in the hospital for a week.

    Waking up one morning to alot of commotion and finding my roomate screaming at a half naked drunk chick in his room. Seems she left a party across the hall and she wound up passed out in his room sometime during the night. She had deposited the nights beverages on his floor...from numerous parts of her body. :shock:

    Spring Break in Panama City...I know I was there...if anyone remembers what I did PM me...1983-1987.
  7. LSUsupaFan

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    Feb 20, 2003
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    Holy crap, how could I forget last years spring break. Me and three friends walked from the Argosy all the way down the levee to St. Charles in New Orleans then down St. Charles to the Casino.

    All I ate those 4 days were vienna sausages and ritz crackers. Also I didnt bring a sleeping bag just 2 towels.
  8. red55

    red55 curmudgeon Staff Member

    Oct 21, 2002
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    In no particular order:

    1. Seeing The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Moody Blues, George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Elton John, Billy Joel, The Beach Boys, Emerson, Lake, & Palmer, and Chicago in the LSU Assembly Center in my undergrad days from 73-77 (it wasn't the PMAC then). Average ticket price $6.50.

    2. Friday beers at The Library on Chimes and the Brass Rail on Highland. Drinking age was 18.

    3. Charlie MacClendon football in Tiger Stadium.

    4. Nine-ball pool for beer money at Dirty Pierres on Chimes. Later became The Bayou. Same mafia pool tables.

    5. Rita from Chicago. The hottest girl I ever dated. Big smile, big hooters, and . . . remarkable enthusiasm.

    6. Fish-bowl beers and a platter of crawfish at 4:00 am across the river at the Sans Souci.

    7. Wishbone Ash, Wet Willie, The Meters, and Savoy Brown at The Warehouse on Tchoupitoulas in New Orleans.

    8. The incredible, cheap hashish that came to town in the summer of '75.

    9. T. Harry Williams' Civil War history class. Boyd Professors didn't teach a lot of undergrad courses. This one was a bitch to get into--the most popular class on campus. Only one section offered in the spring only.

    10. The pizzas at DiFatta's Italian Restaurant on Highland.
  9. StaceyO

    StaceyO Football Turns Me On

    Oct 7, 2003
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    Okay, why did the guy who didn't like Wayne Parent feel that way? He rocked.

    The Earthquake Game.

    Trying to match a boyfriend beer-for-beer while he went Around the World at The Chimes.

    Being surrounded by so many eligible guys. If a girl couldn't have a fertile dating life while at LSU, she just wasn't trying...or just wasn't appealing, I guess.

    Too many others to mention.
  10. slippery_pete

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    Dec 3, 2003
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    looks like we are the same age. but according to our graduation dates, you took school a little more serious than me.

    in no order:

    - 1995 auburn game at home. first game as a student. geaux twillie!

    - 1997 florida game : first and only time i rushed the field. i just remember handing my wallet, keys, & phone to my girlfriend at the time right before i rushed the field and telling her i'd meet her at the car. i remember players like ryan clark helping students over the fence. what a nice guy.

    - taking my first college test: biology 1201. i was stumbling drunk and made an 80 at 10:30 am. highest score i got all semester.

    - not the actual graduation, but finding out the day before that i had the grades to get my diploma.

    - realizing that i graduated #396 out of 401 students in the college of business. yes that means that somewhere out there five people are worse students than me.

    - discovering the internet in the spring of 95. i was in the BAE lab. porn was everywhere. we even brought friends that weren't in bae to show them the possibilities that the internet held.... and to show off nude pics of christina applegate and alyssa milano.

    - finding out that i could schedule classes online about a three semesters before the rest of the students figured it out. damn you reggie!!!!!

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