18 Children Dead From Reports

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    That all this talk of "legislation" is only going to apply to people that already follow already stringent laws, checks, and balances that currently exist. Adding more red tape on top of it won't really change anything in my opinion because these people aren't committing the crimes that these laws are "designed" to prevent. Bottom line is sane people don't walk into a school house and shoot up a bunch of 7 year old kids. Like I said even the most ruthless gang-banger/drug dealer/street corner thugs don't do that.

    I think NC had it right, how do we address the mental health issue? I'm all aboard telling someone crazy Jack Elam looking mofo "nah ah bruh, I just can't let you have this" However what happens when his parents just so happen to have guns and then he gets his hands on them that way?
  2. red55

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    These people do have some accountability issues, though . . . reselling firearms, allowing kids access, buying them for felons, not safeguarding them with gunlocks and such. Just because there is no perfect solution, that alone is a lame excuse for doing nothing whatsoever to safeguard firearms.

    Timothy McVeigh killed innocent 7-year olds, even todlers and infants and he was not insane, just a right-wing political zealot. Not with guns, but the point is that sane people account for most gun violence.

    The law can simply state that persons declared too mentally compromised to bear firearms cannot be allowed access to firearms. His parents, guardians, institutional custodians, or whatever would bear the responsibility to take reasonable precautions to prevent such access.
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    Certainly, and nowhere have I ever said do "nothing" my contention is with what to do and how? Knee jerk backlash lets outlaw EVERYTHING isn't the answer just same as taking no action at all. The key is to find out how to tackle it and maintain the sanctity of the 2nd amendment.

    Yeah sure. Look amigo, anyone who drives a ryder truck full of chicken shit and diesel and blows up a building full of people is about as nutjob as nutjob can get. Motherfucker was CRAZY, but you keep telling yourself he wasn't. ;)

    Why not? They tell us all other sorts of crap that we can and cannot do? How about this, there are signs above the bar at every watering hole I have ever been to that says "we reserve the right to refuse service" **I have never, ever, been subject to that policy I might add** Why the hell can't a gun shop owner say "No way Norman, get your ass out of here, they sell straight jackets right down the street"

    I agree, if you have a child with half his/her wits they should be kept away from the sharp objects and things that go boom lest be responsible for the damage they cause. I at least agree with you here.
  4. red55

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    Likewise NOBODY is suggesting that we outlaw EVERYTHING. There is no one more knee-jerk in all of this than the NRA.

    Nutjobs don't have to be crazy, only zealously obsessed. There is an important difference.

    He can! The right of an individual seller to choose not to sell has never been at question. The question is what guidelines must be adhered to by every gun seller, most of whom are no more scrupulous than they are required by law to be.

    Slowly, you become wiser, Grasshoppa.
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    Bullshit. No one comes here every day bitching about guns. No one loses sleep over it. 30k people die each year and most of them can be stopped. But they won't be because of people with your attitude.
  6. gumborue

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    These points are stupid whether someone likes it or not. I would have even commented on this if I haven't already had more than a couple.
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    gyver Rely on yourself not on others.

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    More die from cars.

    Good luck stopping it.
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    No, the guy was all wrapped up in extreme right wing literature like The Turner Diaries. So was the Olympics Bomber and the abortion clinic arsonists and snipers.

    The extreme left wing loons hug trees and stage sit-ins. The extreme tight loons blow shit up and kill people.
  10. LaSalleAve

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    And why is that? Misinterpretation of religious works, and their religious beliefs. I'm starting to think like Martin in that all of the problems on this planet can be Kevin Bacon'd to religion.

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