1968 Sugar Bowl

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  1. katmandu

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    Growing up in New Orleans I never got to see LSU in person until the 1968 Sugar Bowl game versus Wyoming. I was 11 years old and I was in awe of Charles McClendon and the LSU players. I just watched the video of that game on youtube......I watch a LOT of LSU games on youtube during the off season.......do a lot of you guys do the same??? The flood of memories is great and it keeps me going during the long boring offseason.....
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  2. Robidoux87

    Robidoux87 You call that a double?

    Sometimes I do, yes. Search for rnolan53 on youtube - he has uploaded at least 100 videos of old LSU football/baseball/basketball games.
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  3. mctiger

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    I watched the '77 Sun Bowl not too long ago. Charles Alexander running over Stanford.
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  4. cajdav1

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    Glen "Bunny" Smith lived a couple of blocks away from me and I idolized him at Holy Cross & LSU. Be being able to see him win the MVP award in the Sugar Bowl was one of the best memories of my early teens.

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