2 Tests, 2 Failures

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by TC, Oct 7, 2006.

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    I can't remember being this sick over a loss since the Saints' meltdown versus Philadelphia in the 1993 playoffs. I mean, last year's LSU giveaway to the Vols was bad, sure. But at that early point in the season, fans still didn't have a clear idea of how good or bad their LSU team was. Plus Katrina screwed everything up, and Bo P. was still brand new, etc.

    But THIS game. When you know that your team is superior, and you watch them play like the Bad News Bears, it's sickening.

    Can you believe I was texting my friend before the game and predicting that Jamarcus's name would be in the media's Heisman talk after he shredded the Gators? Ha! Jamarcus was PATHETIC.

    Chevis is a fine corner. But he hasn't been comfortable returning punts all year. All the speed and talent on that team, they've gotta find somebody new, somebody more dependable, more explosive to return punts.

    SEC Championship is out of the question now. Let's start seeing more of the young guys like Charles Scott and Keiland Williams.

    Miles has got his work cut out for him. His team has had two tests this year. His team has failed them both. He's got three chances for redemption: at Knoxville, at Little Rock, at a decent bowl game. He needs to go 3-0. Badly.:lsup:
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    I don't see how that's redemption. This team simply wasn't prepared today. When UF took that opening kick off, you could tell that LSU hadn't game planned for pass, pass, pass. Only the turnover saved things in the early going.

    As the game wore on and the adversity mounted, it became apparent that the coaching was simply lacking. The team lost its composure on the field, which is directly attributable to coaching. I'd be surprised if Miles took us very far, ever. Yeah, I know, it is easy to shoot at him when the team loses, but I am sticking with my assertion. I'll be happy to eat crow should the time come. I don't think Miles is a big-game coach. That's all I am saying. It's easy to beat the Tulanes of the world.
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    What happens after a couple more displays like that, You can kiss the recruits that make a difference buh bye. Then you can't even beat the tulates of the world as easily as you should.

    I would say right now unless they are getting a boat load of secret perks, you can kiss Mcknight, Tolliver, and other difference makers buh bye right now. They may like the school and all but they can see clueLES and his staff can't gameplan/adjust or use talent properly worth shat:angryfire :angryfire :angryfire :angryfire

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