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    In reply to the VT fan's questions about next year

    If Trev and Bradie stay, this is a national championship contending team, if they go, still a very good team, and there is a very promising looking freshman (Tim Pope) to move into Trev's spot.

    I'm doing all this from memory, but I think the only starters lost on offense will be Dwayne Pierce, Robert Royal and Rohan Davey. That means 4 of 5 lineman will be returning, plus we have 3 or 4 very exciting freshman on the line. My projected line for next year, from left to right is
    R.Reed--Kade C /Or S. Peteman--Ben.W--Rob. S--Andrew.W /Or Bagget

    Everyone from one of the best reciever corps in the nation is returning, including the man they will call the best reciever in the history of college football in 4 years, Micheal Clayton:)
    That is Josh Reed, J.Myers,M.Clayton,R.Robinson,J.Hunt,C.Webster,B.Brazzel

    Tight ends will lose Robert Royal, but LSU will still be one of the best TE corps in the nation, with Eric Edwards, and the man they will be calling the best TE in the history of college football in 4 years, Marcus Spears (by the way, I'm not kidding when I say the best ever for these two, Clayton is 6'4 205, 4.4 speed, silky smooth, and will only get better, Spears is 6'5, 275{muscle, not fat} He has a lineman's body and blocking, WR hands, RB running ability, Good TE speed, and WR body control)

    Running backs, everyone is returning, including Labrandon Toefield, who will be a junior all SEC, possible all American candidate, Dominick Davis, Devery Henderson, Derron Parquet, and Joseph Addai, one of the deepest and best running back units in the country. I'd venture to say that all the backup's could start at 60-75% of the 1-A schools.

    The only question will be QB, will probably be Marcus Randell, an athletic, strong armed QB, maybe Rick Clausen, casey's younger brother.

    on the defensive side of the ball
    LSU is lossing 4 starters, 5 or 6 if Trev and/or Bradie leave.
    the D-line will lose Jarvis Green, muskigum Barnes, I got the starters being
    M.Hill--Chad Lavalais--Torran Williams-kenderick Allen
    Certaintly an above average D-line, can be great.

    This is contingent on Trev and bradie coming back
    Bradie James--Trevarence Faulk--Jeremy Lawrence
    Best LB corp in nation this year, can you imagine next year!?!
    if they leave early(I think Trev, if not trev and bradie, are on track to graduate early) Tim pope will play Mike, and I don't know about Will.

    CB's D.Hookfin, and E.Damond /or R.Gay, or T.Daniels, or the partial qualifier who's name I can't think of.
    Saftey's will be strong once again
    FS-Damien James /or Adrian Mayes (don't take or thinking they aren't good, it's just that I think both will be very good, and I don't know who is better)
    SS-Travis Moses /or Brandon Williams /or Dominick Davis (again same as FS, also depending on D.Davis's other intrest's.
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    Thank you for the information. Looks like the first game next year will have n.c. implications.
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    yes it will the winner could easily win out. what do ya'll have coming back next year?

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