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    Somewhere near the dawn of human existence it started.

    One man one ball. Then other men joined in the game. There was one common thread and it was passion for the game. Ten thousand years later, the American game of collegiate football was born. After nearly 150 years of college football, the finest defensive team the game has ever known took the field in the New Orleans Superdome against an offense considered to be the finest the game has ever known. Or at least it was before the game and back in late November, when the vaunted Sooners had steamrolled their late schedule and entered their Big 12 Championship undefeated. This Sooner team would not be beaten and would be favored by double digits against any team unlucky enough to draw them, either #2 USC or #3 LSU. All feared the mighty Sooners, 77-0 victors over Texas A&M, sadistic murderers of the Texas Longhorns as well. All feared the Sooners back then but one and he saw the Achilles heel and put his thoughts to pen. And the rest is history. Rejoice o young man in thy youth … all glory is fleeting.

    To whom it may concern.

    Vegas is not paying USC tickets for a National Championship win. Pete Carroll and his merry band of ESPN fairies and these USC Captains of Condescension can suck that fact. Vegas did pay off on LSU bets. That’s good enough for me. Am sure the odds won’t be the same this year for an LSU repeat. We cleaned up on the Sugar, as did most of you.

    So who is best, USC or LSU?

    Some may still need truth and closure. And we all know how unbiased this forum is toward USC;) You Michigan loving clowns can hum together in unison, you know who you are. The plain TRUTH lies in the stats and elsewhere. Stats can lie but TRUTH is found in many places. Scouts say LSU has better talent than USC (strength, conditioning and speed). These people make a living judging football talent. LSU played three championship games in a row taking all three. Had the two teams played, it would have been LSU 21, USC 10. Nobody could have taken LSU that night.

    Mauck’s chances as a pro

    This kid is a gamer and his cashing in now will get him some much-deserved coin for dental school. Good for him, god bless him and pray he sees most of his action on the bench … takes the money and runs … because they’d give him some dental business and knock his fillings out in the “Not For Long”. He’ll always be special for us, a true Champion that won 90% of his games as starter. I’d give him dental business in Baton Rouge if he stayed. Jasper, Indiana is a very nice Indiana town and home is where you hang your hat, unless you were born in Louisiana.

    Who’s been feeding my monkeys? :shock:

    We won’t even discuss the 150 total yards and White’s shelling that I predicted. Poor Ohio & JLM Sooner & Peabody (47 points).
    1. LSU HAS THE #1 RANKED DEFENSE IN AMERICA … and it ain’t even close. (OU #1 defense, heehaw)
    2. Frankenstein White is as OVERRATED, worthless and immobile as I said. The 150 yards of total OU offense predicted & my calls on White were spot on, 13/38 for 99 yards is a joke for a Heisman winner. They’ll eat him alive next year.
    3. OU mounted NO SUSTAINED DRIVES and only scored on TIGER MISTAKES, mostly Mauck’s.
    4. The blocked punt was a joke. White and OU were so inept that it took 4 tries aided by a penalty from inside the 2 for them to score. Evidence how pathetic OU & White were against our Dee.
    5. Mauck let OU stay in this game with several poor decisions and foul-ups late. The Defense would not let LSU lose. PERIOD.
    6. LSU should have put OU away with a HUGE WIN … even worse than the 24-0 rout predicted … this because of the blocked punt, conservative late play & Mauck just sucked in the 4th Quarter with those stupid turnovers to even give them a chance.

    The Bet

    1. Yes, I lost the bet.
    2. LSU did not take the #1 spot in AP after an OU win.
    3. Truly a shame. This will be my last post if the guy shows up to collect.
    5. TRUTH is that the AP poll that declares USC #1 and condemns LSU to #2 is LSU's greatest evidence of being #1, you’ve read all the articles

    The Bash

    Time to celebrate and party at the Bash. The hajj holidays are coming and every “tear-wrist” on earth is in Saudi. Us western white-eyes scatter out of the kingdom like flies on these big religious holidays. It’s off to Thailand for a week and then back for the Bash and more good home cooking. Sunset boudin here I come & my usual stop at Ray’s in Opelousas (Billy’s Boudin, hot& spicy cracklings).

    What’s next?

    Another great year and another Western Division Championship and maybe an SEC Championship if we can roll early next year. Tough to repeat as National Champs but not impossible with this talent and coaching. The QB situation is the biggest concern ... BOTH ON OFF & DEF. Randall with a sound running game until one of the RS Freshmen matures will work in the SEC. Safety replacement for Hunt is just as critical. Spring ball should be great.

    What a recruiting class. And a new forum, kudos goes to Brett.
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    Great post Ramah.......Let me be the first to welcome you back. You were missed here! I am betting that by 8:00 PM there will be at least 100 replies.
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    Where you Been?

    We missed you Ramah!

    Let me just say this about White the Great Heisman winner.

    He definitely wouldn't have come as close as Eli did if he played
    in the SEC


    He has NO Chance in the NFL, he could barely walk by the end of
    the game, I thought they were going to bring out crutches for him
    sooner or later..........
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    Ramah, what about our 27 yr. old walk on?
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    welcome back big daddy
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    Thanks for the great post.

    Good to see that you're back.
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    Vacation. No computers, no stress, nothing but sunshine, sweet dreams, great food and scuba. Did my first sky diving on a lark. Once was enough, I'll stick to parasailing from now on. It's those damned web feet.

    Back in Saudi now, but not for long. The Bash is coming.
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    Welcome Back

    Welcome Back Ramah Man
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    OMG Batman is that you?

    LOL welcome back
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    Tip the beer glass slowly Mr. Bartender. Itsss going to be a long offseason.

    I love all LSU Sports but football is in my blood. My dad was a football coach growing up. Also like Baseball and looking forward to spring and thinking were gonna turn some heads in Baseball.


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