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    I have been in a state of depression since the whole mess of Saban leaving came up and right through the hiring of Les Miles. These are some points i feel like i have to make to clear my mind and move on to the Les Miles Era at LSU.

    1.) I would like to thank Nick Saban for what he has done for LSU sports and for the entire state. The National Championship year will always remain a special time for me. I wish him all the best and to his family.

    2.) I think Nick Saban was very upset that his leaving had to happen the way it did and i know he didnt want it to become a distraction to all the players. But the simple facts are that it hurt the program . Such is life and i dont blame Coach Saban for doing what was in his and his families best interest.

    3.) I do think his delaying his decision led to more disruption than it had too. I do hold him accountable for that because LSU was hurt in the process. I know he didnt want that but it did happen.

    4.) I personally thought that LSU could have gone higher in profile for a Coach and not lost the goodwill in recruiting and kept things going with good momentum.

    5.) Having said #4 : I think Les Miles will do a good job and will get things moving on the right track and i will support him 100% as all LSU fans will and by God get this LSU Tiger roaring again.

    6.) LSU was 9-3 and i can remember when everyone would have been very happy about that and in the SEC that is a good year.

    In conclusion : Good Luck to Coach Saban and welcome Coach Miles. I will support Louisiana State University with all my soul and since you are now our Coach just know that you are now part of the LSU Family.

    Geaux LSU Tigers
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    You forgot one thing...

    Undefeated at home! :geauxtigs :thumb:

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