2004 Nine Open Positions Debate Thread

Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by max, Jan 14, 2004.

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    Jul 22, 2003
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    1. QB
    2. WR
    3. WR
    4. OG
    5. OT
    6. TE
    7. DT
    8. LB
    9. S
    10. NB

    1. QB - 1 Russell, 2 Flynn, 3 Randall. I've seen Randall play often. If these two redshirt guys can't beat him out, I am worried about this position.

    2. WR - 1 Green. You have to assume Green inherits a starting spot. Well deserved.

    3. WR - 1 Doucet, 2 Hill, 3 Bowe, 4 Davis. May the best man win. I wonder if Bowe's experience will give him the edge to start the season.

    4. OG - 1 Niswanger. There are a bunch of talented guys but he seems to be next in line unless one of the young guys blows by him.

    5. OT - 1 McGill. I think he and Niswanger lead for these spots, you could swap them. Again, plenty of great young talent that could beat out either or both guys.

    6. TE - 1 Jones, 2 Robinson, 3 Zinger. Robinson might get the start coming off an injury-plagued season because he is a senior, but Jones looks like the better player.

    7. DT - 1 Oliver, 2 Washington, 3 Stewart, 4 Wroten, 5 Favorite, 6 Dorsey. I could go on. Man, we have some DL talent. DT is listed in no particular order. I'm confident whoever wins this battle will be very good by the end of the season.

    8. LB - 1 Hollis, 2 Pittman, 3 Kuale, 4 Sanders, 5 Stoltz.

    9. S - 1 Daniels, 2 Steltz, 3 Stevenson, 4 Spadoni.

    10. NB - 1 Prude, 2 Gordon, 3 Child , 4 Stevenson. Not a starting position but plays alot.

    Now you try.
  2. TigerLifer3

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    Oct 21, 2002
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    Here is how I would do my depth Chart:

    QB: Russell, Flynn, Randall
    RB: Vincent, Broussard, Addai, *Lucas
    FB: Steltz
    WR: Hill, Green, Bowe, Davis, Doucet, *Carter
    TE: Jones, Zinger, Robinson
    T: Whitworth, McGill
    G: Niswanger, Livings
    C: Wilkerson, *Miller
    DE: Spears, Hill, Oliver, *Alexander
    DT: Wroten, Williams, Favorite, Dorsey
    LB: Turner
    LB: Vaughn
    LB: Sanders, Highsmith, Kuale
    CB: Webster, Daniels, Prude, Child, Zenon
    FS: Landry
    SS: Daniels, Steltz, *Franklinton
  3. TigerPrideLSU

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    Dec 8, 2003
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    Stupid question, but what is NB? I'm sure I know, but I'm blank.
  4. geauxscott

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    Oct 24, 2002
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    I agree....but you forgot Pittman.....I would put him as a replacement for Hill and Spears...everytime he is in the game he seems to knock a pass down

    NB= Nickel Back....5th defensive back
  5. cajdav1

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    Dec 26, 2003
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    What about Barrington Edwards, he may just be the most talented all around back we have and Lucas isn't even a Tiger much less a true freshmen getting any PT with this group. Also, I think Prude may move to safety to give us some experience there and then move to Nickel when we need 3 corners. he may be the one calling out the formations/coverage this coming season. Pittman will play a lot at end , especailly on all passing downs, just as he did this season with Hill moving inside.

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