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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by LSU Peach, Dec 18, 2002.

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    What positions are needed for the 2004 recruiting class? Are there any targets known yet?
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    Jul 16, 2002
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    Here's what I think the Lady Tiger roster will look like next year. I am pretty sure that Detrina and Keisha will have used up their eligibility so they along with Aiysiha will be the big losses.

    Marian Whitfield G 5-9 Fr.
    Khalilah Mitchell G 5-11 Fr..
    Amber Long G 5-6 Fr.
    Seimone Augustus G 6-1 So.
    Wendlyn Jones F 6-1 So.
    Treynell Clavelle C 6-4 So.
    Florence Williams F 6-1 Jr.
    Tillie Willis F 6-3 Jr.
    Crystal White C 6-5 Jr.
    Temeka Johnson G 5-3 Sr.
    Doneeka Hodges G 5-9 Sr..
    Roneeka Hodges F 5-11 Sr..

    THis year's recruits are all guards and pretty solidly ranked. Whitfield may see action right away as she is a scorer ala Ferdinanad. Long is the pg of the future; she'll learn alot from Temeka as her understudy. With the Hodges also figuring in, I would say the guard position may not be the highest priority in terms of recruiting.

    Augustus will probably stay on the wing. This position allows her the best opportunity for her to use her various talents and she can also zoom in to board. Roneeka Hodges will probably be her backup at that position.

    The 4-5 position might be the highest priority. While there is plenty of height, there is much inexperience. Crystal White may be the most seasoned but I want to see how she works out this year. There are some very talented power forward/post players in next year's candidate pool and I think that will be LSU's priority.

    That said, I notice that Sybil has indicated GUnter is interested in 5'9" shooting guard Sam MaHoney out of Michigan. So it shows what I know. I wouldn't be surprised to see a pusch for a Big.

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