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Discussion in 'The Tiger's Den' started by r_bear42, Nov 2, 2004.

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    Perhaps I shouldn't even be thinking about this yet because the Tigers still have three games left on the 2004 schedule and no doubt a post season bowl game. However, as the season winds down I'm concerned about the QB situation for the 2005 season. We've seen basically two guys play the QB position all year with the exception of about 5 plays. One of those two is graduating or his eligibility is up and the other, IMO hasn't improved nearly as much as I would liked to have seen. Actually, I'm not sure I've seen any improvement. Now I'm not saying that Flynn could be or would any better than Russell, but if he's not (haven't seen enough of him) it really concerns me for next season. Evidently the coaching staff thinks Russell is better than Flynn and if he is, it doesn't fair well for the Tigers next season. Based on what I've seen until now, it appears to me at this point that we're heading into next season without a true starting QB. :confused:

    I think Saban is a great coach and wouldn't trade him for anyone out there but, I hate to think that what we have seen this year is a precurser to what we will be seeing in 2005. Hopefully the coaching staff has someone or something in mind that will solve what I believe is going to be a big problem next year. It just seems to me like they are not preparing for next year. Any thoughts?
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    I would love to see Flynn get some PT this year so we can gage him for next year. In order for that to happen I think we need to blow a team out by 1/2 time but who knows? I think we’ve seen what Russell can do. I say give Matt a chance. Ya wanna win put Flynn in, Watch Flynn spin.
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    I agree, we haven't blown out enough teams to get Flynn the PT that I think Saban was hoping we could get him. Russell has some mental blocks right now and I think with the offseason, he could come back to be a great QB. If we don't sign a good QB this year in recruiting, Flynn will get many more snaps at practice and be much more competitive for next year. We will struggle a little bit early next year with the QB situation, but should have it figured out by midseason. Saban has the mentality to win the current game, he isn't looking towards next year and what we will do about the QB situation then. If he was, we might not have won some of these close call games, but Flynn and Russell would be playing alot more. I like the way he is going about it. This will all be worked out in the off season.
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    You Are Correct

    You shouldn't be thinking about this right now. We still have four games left for this season, then we have spring ball and fall practice next year.

    One game at a time. One game at a time.:wink:

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