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    I thought I would start a thread that we could keep updated throughout the year.

    Stars Updated from Rivals 250 on 8/4 and Scout 300 on 6/17

    (5* In Bold)

    + Added on 11/16

    QB/ATH Russell Shepard--Texas (5*)==> LSU Commit
    QB Cody Green--Texas (5*)==> Nebraska Commit
    QB Chris Garrett--Mississippi (4*)==> LSU Commit
    QB Tate Forcier--California (4*)
    QB Aaron Murray--Florida (4*)
    QB A.J. McCarron--Alabama (4*)==> Alabama Commit
    QB Tom Savage--Pennsylvania (4*)==> RU Commit
    QB Denard Robinson--Florida (3*)
    QB Eugene Smith--Florida (NR)

    RB Bryce Brown--Kansas (5*)==> Miami Commit
    RB Lamar Miller--Florida (5*)
    RB Jaamal Berry--Florida (5*)
    RB Trent Richardson--Florida (5*)==> Alabama Commit
    RB Christine Michael--Texas (5*)
    RB Michael Ford--Leesville (4*)==> LSU Commit
    RB Dexter Pratt--Texas (4*)==> LSU Commit
    RB Lonnie Pryor--Florida (4*)==> FSU Commit
    RB Knile Davis--Texas (4*)
    RB Kendrick Hardy (3*)
    RB Hasan Lipscomb--Texas (3*)==> Minnesota Commit
    RB Tim Simon--Alabama (NR)

    FB Alex Singleton--East St. John (3*)
    FB Dominique Allen--Tennessee (3*)==> LSU Commit
    FB Toben Opurum--Texas (3*)

    WR Ruben Randle--Bastrop (5*)
    WR Marlon Brown--Tennessee (5*)
    WR Andre DeBose--Florida (5*)
    WR Kendall Kelly--Alabama (5*)==> Alabama Commit
    WR Shaquelle Evans--California (4*)
    WR Kraig Appleton--Illinois (4*)==> Illini Commit
    WR Kenny Bell--Rayville (4*)==> LSU Commit
    WR Chad Bumphis--Mississippi (4*)
    WR Jamal Patterson--Georgia (4*)==> Stanford Commit
    WR Rodney Smith--Florida (4*)
    WR Rontavious Wooten--Florida (4*)==> UGA Commit
    WR Prince Kent--Georgia (4*)=> Miami Commit
    WR Duron Carter--Florida (4*)==> Ohio St. Commit
    WR Pat Patterson--Mississippi (4*)==> Miss St. Commit
    WR/TE Willie Jefferson--Texas (3*)
    WR Kevin Norwood--Mississippi (3*)
    WR Neal Barlow--Arkansas (NR)==> Kansas Commit

    ATH E.J. Banks--Pennsylvania (4*)
    ATH Terrance Johnson--Patterson (NR)
    ATH Kevin Burkhead--Texas (NR)

    TE Orson Charles--Florida (4*)
    TE Richard Wilson--Utah (4*)==> BYU Commit
    TE Edward Hazelett--Indiana (3*)

    OT Xavier Nixon--North Carolina (5*)
    OT Mason Walters--Texas (5*)==> Texas Commit
    OT Marcus Hall--Ohio (5*)
    OT Chris Faulk--Slidell (4*)==> LSU Commit
    OT/OG Stavion Lowe--Texas (4*)==> LSU Commit
    OT John Martinez--Utah (4*)
    OT Xavier Su'a Filo--Utah (4*)
    OT Johnnie Farms--Georgia (4*)
    OG Carneal Ainsworth--Baton Rouge (4*)==> LSU Commit
    C/DL Joshua Downs--Bastrop(3*)==> LSU Commit
    OG Henry Orelus--Florida (3*)==> FSU Commit
    OL Josh Williford--Alabama (3*)==> LSU Commit
    OT Chris Freeman--Ohio (3*)
    OT Gabriel Jackson--Mississippi (3*)
    OT Kyle Clark--Texas (NR)==> Texas Tech Commit


    DT Jamarkus McFarland--Texas (5*)
    DT Chris Davenport--Mansfield (5*)==> LSU Commit
    + DT William Campbell--Michigan (5*)
    DT Darrington Sentimore--Destrehan (4*)
    DT Deandre Coleman--Washington (4*)==> Washington Commit
    DT Antwan Lowery--Florida (4*)==> Michigan Commit
    DT/OG Fletcher Cox--Mississippi (4*)==> Miss St. Commit
    DT Calvin Howell--Texas (4*)==> Texas Commit
    DT Josh Boyd--Mississippi (4*)==> Miss St. Commit
    DT Stephen Barrera--Houston,Texas (NR)

    DE Devon Kennard--Arizona (5*)
    DE Donte Moss--North Carolina (5*)==> UNC Commit
    DE DeQuin Evans--JUCO, CA (5*) ^
    DE Mike Brockers--Houston, Texas (4*)==> LSU Commit
    DE Sam Montgomery--South Carolina (4*)
    DE Ryne Giddens--Florida (4*)
    DE Dyron Dye--Florida (4*)
    DE Craig Roh--Arizona (4*)
    DE Delano Johnson--JUCO, CA (4*)
    DE Justin Chaisson--Nevada (4*)==> OU Commit
    DE Brandon Jenkins--Florida (4*)==> FSU Commit
    DE Alex Okafor--Texas (4*)==> Texas Commit
    DE Demonte McAllister--Florida (4*)==> FSU Commit
    DE/TE William Ming--Alabama (4*)==> Alabama Commit
    DE Kendrick Washington--Shreveport (3*)

    OLB Jon Bostic--Florida (4*)
    OLB Barkevious Mingo--West Monroe (4*)
    OLB Tahj Jones--Sulpher (4*)
    OLB Jarvis Jones--Georgia (4*)
    OLB Frankie Telfort--Florida (4*)
    OLB Eric Fields-Georgia (4*)==> Clemson Commit
    OLB Greg King--Tennessee (3*)
    OLB Jonathan Atchison--Georgia (3*)==> Auburn Commit

    MLB Nico Johnson--Alabama (5*)
    MLB Kevin Minter--Georgia (4*)==> LSU Commit
    MLB Tana Patrick--Alabama (4*)
    MLB Chris Williams--Texas (4*)
    MLB Willie Ferrell--Florida (4*)==> LSU Commit
    MLB Tom Wort--Texas (4*)==> OU Commit

    CB Gabe Lynn--Oklahoma (5*)
    CB Dre Kirkpatrick--Alabama (5*)
    CB Darius Winston--Arkansas (5*)
    CB Janzen Jackson--Carencro (4*)==> LSU Commit
    CB/WR Drayton Calhoun--Georgia (4*)==> LSU Commit
    CB/WR Branden Smith--Georgia (4*)
    CB Marcus Davis--Texas (4*)==> Texas Commit
    CB/WR Darius Jones--Texas (4*)==> Oklahoma Commit
    CB Gerald West--Alabama (3*)==> Alabama Commit
    CB David Gordon--Oklahoma (3*)==> Arkansas Commit

    S Craig Loston--Texas (5*)==> Clemson Commit*
    S/OLB Ray Ray Armstrong--Florida (4*)
    S Kevin Brent--Texas (4*)
    S Stephon Gilmore--South Carolina (4*)
    S DeVonte Holloman--North Carolina (4*)==> Clemson Commit*
    S Donavan Tate--Georgia (4*)
    S Darren Myles--Georgia (4*)
    S Rex Berkhead--Texas (4*)
    S Jairus Jones--Florida (3*)
    S Jonathan Scott--Florida (3*)
    S David Connor--Mississippi (3*)==> Auburn Commit
    S Zawanza Starling--Florida (NR)
    S Genesis Fonoimoana--JUCO, CA
    2009 Commitments:

    QB Russell Shepard--Texas (5*)

    QB Chris Garrett--Mississippi (4*)

    RB Michael Ford--Leesville (4*)

    RB Dexter Pratt--Texas (4*)

    WR Kenny Bell--Rayville (4*)

    OT Chris Faulk--Slidell (4*)

    C/DL Joshua Downs--Bastrop (3*)

    OG Carneal Ainsworth--Parkview Baptist (4*)

    OT Stavion Lowe--Texas (4*)

    OG Josh Williford--Alabama (3*)

    DT Chris Davenport--Mansfield (5*)

    DE Mike Brockers--Texas (4*)

    MLB Kevin Minter--Georgia (4*)

    MLB Willie Ferrell--Florida (4*)

    CB Janzen Jackson--Carencro (4*)

    CB/WR Drayton Calhoun--Georgia (4*)

    P Derek Helton--Kansas, JUCO (NR)
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    would he be our 1st Utah player?

    I can't think of any notable ones off hand.
  4. CParso

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    We had a QB commit from Utah a couple years ago that ended up changed to Oklahoma St (Alex Cate). Didn't we recruit a LB from there this year?

    We haven't had a player from that state actually on the team in recent memory.
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    According to Michael L with Rivals, LB Willie Ferrell received an offer from LSU on Tuesday.

    "He was on cloud nine after I spoke with him in regards to the offer. He had a lot of great things to say about Miles and the staff."

    And LB Cody Ledford, originally from Louisiana, has gotten a lot of interest from LSU.
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    We've given out of state offers to Dre Kirkpatrick, John Martinez, Mike Brockers, Justin Chaisson, Nico Johnson, Jarvis Jones, AJ McCarron and Shaquelle Evans.

    And according to this article, we've offered 12 guys from Louisiana. Kenny Bell, Darrington Sentimore, Chris Davenport, the 5 already mentioned and 4 others.
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    I'm going to have to look into these guys. Any knowledge you want to share on them?

    Rivals isn't showing a lot of them as having LSU offers.

    12 Louisiana players will be offered, they haven't been already.
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    Scout.com has us giving offers to those players.

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    There are several that will have multiple offers from all the big programs. Kirkpatrick, Martinez, AJ McKarron, and Shaquelle Evans will be the common battle grounds along with Devon Kennard out of AZ.

    Chris Davenport, Shaquelle Evans, Dre Kirkpatrick, and John Martinez all hold USC offers at this point. Shaquelle was out here a few weekends back for a junior Meet n Greet. Having Barkley as a solid QB commit doesn't hurt for the WR's.
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    Yup a Top QB in the nation committed early will have a positive effect thats why I want to get 5*Russell Shepard as fast as possible. Texas also has a 5* QB already committed so that should help them also.

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