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Discussion in 'LSU RECRUITING' started by bhelmLSU, Apr 19, 2011.

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    I see LSU taking 2 QBs if possible but would settle for one.

    Anthony Alford out of MS seems to have the highest interest in LSU because he is a fan and plays baseball. He would be a huge get and I think it will happen. However, I would be surprised if he doesn't end up in the MLB.

    Interesting twist in the TX QB scene. A&M has a commit from Trevor Knight but that may not last for long now that they recently added Matt Davis last weekend. LSU will be all over him and supposedly has ties to Krag. Trevor is 6'2 190 with a 4.7 forty.

    Other than those guys we are targeting a handful of guys around the nation and keeping tabs on a few here in LA who could be fillers.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H088aSyAxcU]YouTube - Trevor Knight 2012 Quarterback SA Reagan Highlights[/ame]
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    I just dont wanna be in the situation we were in Lee's freshmen year. Going from being solid with Perriloux to shell shocking a freshmen into the point of no return. Same thing with JJ. If Mett can deliver in 2012, or possibly this yea, then Rivers and Randall (assuming he stays at QB) Should be redshirt jrs before they start. This will give them enough time to ease in.

    My dream situation.
    2011 Mett Soph year ( I think we've seen enough of JJ to know he's not nearly consistent enough)
    2012 Mett Jr Year
    2013 Mett Sr year
    2014 A Matured Rivers or Randall whoever comes out better.
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    He looks good. Decent arm, nice touch, reads defenses well, makes progressions ( that is one thing I would LOVE to see in 2011, a QB actually read a D and go through his progressions, its been years since we've had that at LSU )

    Seems to have a bit of running speed and sees holes open up. He runs standing straight up, tho, and doesn't have superb agility, so it hurts his lateral speed alot. He needs to get down lower, protect the ball, and keep a lower center of balance to protect himself and improve his change of direction. If he keeps running like that in college, he's gonna get his clock cleaned and we'd be short one QB with a likely 6-points the other way.

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