2013 OLB Kendell Beckwith Commits to LSU

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    I'll take your direction a bit more. The state of La. has around 100 players that sign out of high school, Tx. about 400. LSU has 12 verbals from the top 100 players in the state. If close to the same % in the state of Tx, a&m would have to get around 48 players this year out of the state, ok, they are close with the 35 verbals..........just need 13 more players to commit. Then they would have the top 12 % from the state of Tx. Ok Rock, I was just having fun.College coaches know with an 85 limit, you better be able to find the right talent and player to fit your team.

    LSU didn't sign Christine Michael and Dexter Pratt out of high school, some Tiger fans thought this was a mistake. Michael would be looking for time with this roster and Platt, busted on drugs before he made it to college, was playing at a JC in Tx last word I got. Some are worried about LSU not signing the RB Taylor from Katy, some of my coaching friends tell me hes the second best RB on that team, who knows.
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    on why he choose to focus on playing defense in the NCAA:

    "I like to give the blows instead of taking them," said Kendell Beckwith, the nation's No. 2-rated athlete in the ESPN 150 who plans to play linebacker in college after a high school career at Jackson (La.) East Feliciana, where he was a two-way star. "The offensive side on the next level is not for me."
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    The kid will do well at LSU, that side of the ball needs players like him. Chief will find a spot for him real soon.
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    nice article on him by the Times Picayune


    "I just wanna be one of the best that ever did it at LSU," he said.
    "I want my name to stay around. I don't wanna be one of the ones that just
    gets lost in the wind. I want to leave a legacy there ... I just really want to
    go out and be a great representation of my family and where I'm from. Me being
    from a small town just makes it that much more important."
    The two-way athlete began wowing his family, coaches, teammates and community
    members as a freshman at Clinton High before its consolidation with Jackson to
    form East Feliciana.
    The new school has reached three playoffs and two semifinals in its three
    football seasons, with Beckwith its biggest standout along the way.
    "My 11th-grade year, it was like everyday somebody was calling with any
    offer," he said. "I was overwhelmed really. I didn't know what to
    Beckwith's performance has made him the area's most highly sought prospect in
    as long as Coach Cedric Anderson can remember.
    "It means a whole lot in that it shows it doesn't really matter where you
    are or where you're from," Anderson said. "If you go out and make
    plays and produce, people will find you. The big schools will find you."


    Recruiting analyst James Smith on Beckwith:

    Louisiana produces many versatile football prospects and Beckwith is no exception. He has played on both side of the ball throughout most of his career as a quarterback, defensive end and linebacker. There is no question that the defensive side of the ball is where his future lies, but will it be at linebacker or defensive end?

    As a pass rusher, Beckwith uses his hands very well and has a good explosive first step. He has a high motor and very good upper-body strength.... As a pass rusher, Beckwith is tenacious and is really effective getting after the quarterback, which could be the attribute that pushes him up the depth chart early on in his career.

    As a linebacker, he shows the athleticism to play in space and be effective in coverage.

    Regardless where he ends up at LSU, he will likely have a good career. ... Strengthening a lingering shoulder issue will also be a factor as to when he may first step on the field, but when he does, expect big things.
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    Beckwith in a wildcat package at LSU?

    by Randy Rosetta, NOLA.com | The
    1/17/2013 10:36 PM
    Pretty interesting note from the Ceremony for
    the WAFB Warrick Dunn Award, which was
    revealed Thursday night.
    LSU commitment Kendell Beckwith received
    the honor, and during an on-air interview
    with reporter Jacques Doucet, the former
    East Feliciana quarterback/linebacker said
    Tigers coach Les Miles had spoken to him
    about a package with him operating as a
    wildcat QB for the offense.
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    Having seen Beck play, he could spend a little time on both sides of the ball, an he could play a number of positions. This staff will find a place for him.

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    Outside linebacker imo, it would be a waste if they guy played with his hands in the dirt, maybe on 3rd down.

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