2013 QB Anthony Jennings Commits to LSU

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    If I have my LSU history right, these are the QBs that Crowton had a say on recruiting/LSU signed by signing year:

    2007 Jarrett Lee (IMO, turned out to be a mid major caliber starting QB at best, maybe 1-AA, certainly not SEC caliber for a highly ranked SEC team)
    2008 Jordan Jefferson (see above)
    2009 Chris Garrett ('nuff said)
    2010 Zach Lee (IMO might have ended up being the best LSU QB since Tommy Hodson, but we'll never know)

    Yes, I know I didn't include Russell Shepard but quite frankly, I don't think too many people thought he would end up at QB. LSU promised to give him a shot, they did, so no harm no foul there.
    However, you look at the list above and in 4 years of QB evaluation by Crowton and signing when Crowton was there, you find 0 for 3 in NFL draft (Garrett won't be drafted from MSU or wherever he is now) and of course Zach Lee is playing baseball. For a major, major program in a major, major conference, Crowton as QB coach and QB talent evaluator certainly didn't earn his salary.
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    Crowton as QB coach ought to be part of Penn State's death penalty.
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    Steve, I think some people missed the point on Crowton's MAIN weakness but you hit it perfectly. Was Crowton a great OC? LOL! But was Crowton a horrible OC? Doubtful! Where Crowton is skewered by the Oregon and BYU who suffered under his "QB tutorage" is really his QB coaching and the FACT that he NEVER EVER developed a QB on his own despite having years to do so...didn't at BYU...didn't at Oregon....obviously didn't at LSU. And when your QB play is lousy, to be honest, it is hard to call plays that work because no one respects the pass on a consistent basis.

    IF I had to grade the competence og Gary Crowton on his 2 functions, I would say as an OC, maybe a C+ or even a B-. BUT as a QB coach, a pure F!
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    This kid looks really smooth and under control! Great potential.
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    Because he was selected the best of any player n the list. They try to list as many kids as possible on state all-star lists, it makes no sense to list Jennings twice.

    Here is one of the QB's listed as first team: Stephon Masha

    Masha a 2 star recruit, committed to Liberty University


    "Anthony Jennings was one of the country’s most-heavily recruited quarterbacks with 39 scholarship offers."
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