2013 QB J.T. Barrett

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  1. islstl

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    Offered by LSU.

    6'1" 210 lbs dual-threat QB out of Wichita Falls, TX. Ranked 134th on rivals.

    J.T. Barrett - Yahoo! Sports

    With Texas seemingly out of the picture with their QB commitment of Swoopes (5 star), LSU stands a very good chance of being in the running for this kid.

    Great alternatives like Baylor, Nebraska and Ohio State (all 3 schools want this type of QB) won't make this an easy get for LSU.
  2. GinoJ

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    I did an interview with him yesterday, and he is a very cerebral athlete. His parents are very strict on him, and he will probably make a 28 on his ACT. He scored well over 1400 on his SAT.

    Unlike Jeremy Johnson from Alabama who will most likely end up at Auburn. JT seems very open and has a very high place for LSU. The biggest threat for his services are Ohio ST and Urban Meyer.

    I don't put much past Urban in his recruiting tactics.

    I don't know if I am allowed to paste a link here or not. So let me know if that is okay, and I can link the interview for you.

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    Bring the goods...
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    On my phone hey helm can u link it for me thanks
  5. bhelmLSU

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  6. GinoJ

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    Thanks I am back on the computer right now. I know several people have their opinions on different prospects. I do;however, believe that Jeremy Johnson is an incredible Pro-style QB. His long ball is a thing of beauty.

    JT is better as an all around QB, but not as polished on the long ball.
  7. rockwallfan

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    GinoJ, no doubt you'll be loved with the stuff you bring to the table!
  8. islstl

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    Barrett could possibly commit to Texas on the spot. The only issue is whether Texas wants a 2nd QB, which is not likely but you never know.

    Will be in Austin on Saturday.
  9. blindside517

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    Apparently he canceled the Texas trip.
  10. saintsLSU

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    J.T. Barrett cancels Texas trip, eyes LSU - LSU Tigers Blog - ESPN


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