2014-15 LSU Men's Basketball Thread

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After two years of the Johnny Jones era, what best describes your reaction to his tenure?

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  1. Still not sure about Coach Jones, I kind of expected more. He's underachieved with what he had.

  2. Coach Jones has met my expectations, but jury's still out. I'm still just a casual fan.

  3. My expectations were met so far, and I'm more excited about this season than the last.

  4. LSU basketball is back and we are NCAA-bound! I'm buying season tickets AND going to games.

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  1. TGer'nLHornLand

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    Yes, it's only July, but what else we going to talk about in the summer?

    As the timing would have it, folks have been on campus this week talking to and interviewing our LSU men's basketball team. First, with Coach Jones' SEC media report on Monday, to the school releasing the "official" roster, to the new kids on the block being interviewed yesterday.

    Here are some snippets of yesterday's festivities with new players:



    Let's use this running thread to discuss all things LSU hoops (other than recruiting, which is on the recruiting page), and the going ons.

    Summer is all about players developing and starting to gel before the adversity/challenges hit. In the case of Jone's staff, integrating and incorporating the coaching philosophies of new Associate Coach, Eric Musselman, will go along side the coaching staff really working with, evaluating and designing systems for our new players. I can say, we some interesting balance on the team, height, youth and old, and primarily Coach Jones' recruits. We have experienced guards (who may not be experienced with LSU, but are 3rd+ year players in Gray and Hornsby), we have true bigs all along the front line, with two seven footers, in Robinson and Malone, and forwards galore. Quick impressions from the write-ups are, in rapid fire form: 1. Elbert Robinson is in pretty good shape (288 lbs). 2. Mickey, Hornsby, Malone and Quarterman have bulked up, while Martin has stayed lean--testament to the strength and conditioning guys. 3. Bridgewater is available, but playing at 6'4-5, and 265 (not sure I'm excited about that). 4. Not sure what to expect from Aaron Epps and Jayln Patterson, but seem like they are able to enter LSU as Freshman should--with time to learn and develop--and I'm glad Jones is not forgetting about foundational players. 5. Don't expect a lot of offense from big Robinson, but expect good defense and rebounding.

    Based upon quotes from Hornsby and Gray, who I continue to believe will make this team go or sputter, there's a level of maturity I like. They are saying the right things now... "e.g., I'll do whatever coach wants... I'll play defense." And, let's see if that maturity and leadership help set the tone for the season for other players. We absolutely have to improve on defense, first, and then, we have to find an elusive offensive chemistry that seemed to be lacking a little last year.

    Will be an exciting year folks. And, if you follow LSU basketball history, we are in a growth cycle. We should expect a better W-L record, and a very fun team to watch.

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  2. LSUBraveheart

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    Apr 6, 2014
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    Musselman to the rescue!
  3. gumborue

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    Dec 17, 2003
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    just make sure his wife doesn't do any interviews.
  4. COramprat

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    I get leery when a coach starts running players off. My nightmares of Brady come back.
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  5. cajdav1

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    Hopefully Johnny doesn't come near to approaching Brady on that level. And hopefully he doesn't bring in near the amount of troubled kids that Brady did.

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