2014 ATH D.J. Chark Commits to LSU

Discussion in 'LSU RECRUITING' started by TigerTap, Jun 11, 2013.

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    pronounced "shark"

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    "They (LSU) mainly want me as an outside receiver for now," Chark said. "They told me that I may end up playing at the X, Y and Z; all interchangeable parts. Coach (Thomas) McGaughey said he wants to get me some returns, too. They told me that my main focus right now is at receiver, but that I could play anywhere. I play wide receiver and corner at my high school."
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    here's what a local said about him: "DJ is a good kid with nice speed and a great support system. He has grown a lot since I first saw him in 6th grade! Wish he would have stayed in Winnfield, bc he was set up to be a big part of the offense and I personally think he would have gotten more exposure. I would love to see him get a...offer bc...after a few years he could do a lot with his talent"
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    the Advocate:

    According to Shea Dixon of 24/7 Sports, Chark wowed LSU coaches with his athleticism when he worked out for them at wide receiver in a camp earlier this month.
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    Not sure where he will end up yet. They are going to work him at CB during the July camp and maybe we will get some idea then.
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    He's open to playing CB?

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