2014 ATH Devin Voorhies Commits to LSU

Discussion in 'LSU RECRUITING' started by bhelmLSU, Jul 28, 2012.

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    Out of Woodville, MS

    Likely either a WR or SS

    6'1 180
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    Great pickup got '14, now time to finish the '13 class strong. What other 2014 prospects do you see as possible early commits?
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    Very long highlight video of Devin Voorheis

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    Funny I hunt in Woodville Mississippi, I'll try to catch one of their games and share
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    THANKS!!! Hopefully, you are a good scout ;) In general, I give people like yourself MORE weight than the services many times....why? Because as Frank Wilson said last year when some were denegrading the LSU class due to "lack of enough stars", Frank Wilson said in a radio interview, "Yeah, you know that is funny. I know for a fact that none of these services have seen some of our signees play, not one single time. They haven't been to a game, to a practice, talked to their coaches, etc. Now, all of a sudden they are rating players." So far I have been decently right on my direct viewings of players although the biggest commit that I have seen (Zach Lee) will always be a ? mark.

    Zach Lee -- I predicted he would be the best LSU QB since Tommy Hodson...unfortunately the Dodgers ended that deal
    Chancy Aghuyere -- I said the guy looked incredibly quick but what bothered me was he went BETWEEN blockers and never over them. That is fine in HS, isn't going to work in the SEC. Also, his weight lifting numbers were those of a DB, not a DE. Sure enough, the guy has never developed the strength to be a first line DL
    David Jenkins -- probably a good cover corner because the team I saw him play avoided him in downfield passing like the plague. But they didn't mind running to his side or throwing little bubble screens to his side because he avoided contact the most I've seen since Xavier Carter. My brother and I were laughing when some services at that time actually projected the guy at S. I mean, don't you actually have to hit somebody occasionally to be a safety. :oops: My guess is that his lack of physical play kept him from moving up the depth chart as much as he might have. Even corners are expected to tackle some. He definitely had the speed and probably the cover skills the way the team respected his side of the field. But like I said, the Pillsbury Dough Boy would play with more physical toughness than I ever saw with Jenkins.
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    I'm not sure what kind of scout I'd make, but I've played football my whole life and am actually about to go into coaching. I honestly believe Wilson is right whenever he said these services haven't seen some Of these lower key kids play. I'll try my best to give an honest and unbiased review of what I see of him. Also, I'll ask some of the parents there how he is as a teammate and off the field which I think is incredibly important. I trust the lsu staff, just want to give the board a fans eye view of what I see and then we can break it down from there. plus like I said it's convient for me seeing that I hunt 10 minutes away from his school.
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    from the Advocate:

    Voorhies (6-1, 185) is a four-star prospect according to 24/7 Sports, which ranks him No. 68 in the nation for 2014, the No. 5 safety prospect and No. 2 recruit in the state of Mississippi.
    ESPN, Rivals and Scout have not ranked Voorhies yet.
    Voorhies told Scout.com that he thought he surprised LSU coach Les Miles with his pledge when Miles offered him a scholarship.
    “I don’t think he thought I was going to make my decision this early,” Voorhies said.
    Voorhies committed after touring the LSU campus during an unofficial visit.
    “The more I saw the more I liked,” Voorhies said.
    “LSU is close to home and really it’s where I always wanted to go. Coach Miles said that they wanted me, so I didn’t see any reason to wait.”
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    Outstanding pickup. Now to hold on to these 2014 early signees for the next 18 months. Egad.
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