2014 CB Tony Brown Commits to Alabama

Discussion in 'LSU RECRUITING' started by vshouse, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. vshouse

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  2. islstl

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    not could be.....is
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  3. vshouse

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    What do you mean "is" you know something I do not know the article says that LSU is very high on his list.....think he is looking to run track and play football. I smell a track scholarship.....ala devrey henderson...trindon holliday....well you get the point.
  4. asignupe99

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    Issy is probably saying "is" because his sister Beloved has already signed and will be here...this fall I guess? Or maybe she's here now as an early enrollee. I don't know. But she is signed.
  5. tigerchick46

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    She's committed to be at LSU but as I understand doesn't sign till March, I could be wrong but I think I read that on ESPN, where I also read every college with a big track program is trying to sway her in the hopes of landing her brother too.....FWIW.
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  6. KyleK

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    I read the same thing. I was thinking it was April.
  7. shane0911

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    If he plays football AND anything else then he MUST be on a football scholarship.
  8. asignupe99

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    Well the good thing is no program has a bigger track program than LSU. And if we can get her away from the Horns, then that's saying a lot because they have a great track program too.
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  9. vshouse

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    are you sure about that?? wasn't devrey henderson and trindon holliday on track scholarships?
  10. vshouse

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