2014 DE Deondre Clark Commits to LSU

Discussion in 'LSU RECRUITING' started by TigerTap, Jun 24, 2013.

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    22 sacks as a junior

    I guess he'll do
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    #1 prospect in Oklahoma, not often we do that. You can't say that this coaching staff doesn't bring in talent. Glad to have him on board.
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    Wasn't someone just recently saying it was odd les didn't have more recruits from OK. This is a big one.
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    That was someone on tigerdroppings.
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    really? I go to that site like twice a year. Weird that I would pick that up there. Maybe so.
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    What a grab!

    But then again, who the hell wants to play for Stoops?
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    The Oklahoman (August 2012):

    Three question for Class 4A: Can anyone block Douglass' D.J. Ward and Deondre Clark?
    Douglass has a fearsome duo at defensive end...Do any 4A offensive lines have the talent to block Douglass DEs D.J. Ward and Deondre Clark? There are a few teams that will have a tackle talented enough to block one of them, but it will be hard to find a 4A line strong enough to contain them coming off either edge. ... (they are) arguably the best defensive line tandem in the state in years.

    (2013 update: Ward wasn't on Clark's team much, he transferred to Clark's team from out-of-town after his junior year, then ended up being ruled ineligible to play his senior year by the state high schools association, then graduated early so he could enroll at Oklahoma, but the two of them formed a relationship as the article indicates...)

    When Douglass junior Deondre Clark heard that the state's No. 1 recruit, D.J. Ward, was moving in from Lawton (87 miles SW of Oklahoma City), he didn't know what to expect. Ward, a defensive end just like Clark, was a year older and a year farther along in the recruiting process of an elite prospect. “I never would have thought we'd have another player come in that's such a high-level talent,” Clark said. “But then he's very humble. You would never think that he's the type of player he is.” When Ward arrived, he saw something very familiar in Clark.
    “It was weird at first. It was like seeing a mirror image,” Ward said. “He's laid back just like I am. He plays just like me. It was like looking at yourself.” ... They both stand 6-foot-3. Ward weighs 245 pounds, and Clark is only about 10 pounds lighter. Coach Willis Alexander, who has examined them closely this preseason, sees only slight differences in their playing styles.
    Ward is slightly more explosive off the line, while Clark has a little more power. But the differences are hardly visible. And the two have become good friends already, especially during practices, where they help each other and push each other to get better. “We're always side-by-side, and if there's something I don't know, he helps me out to keep me up to speed,” Ward said. “And with general D-end stuff, I try to help him, tell him tips I've learned here and there, tell him what to look for.”

    note that 247 lists Oklahoma's Bobby Jack Wright as the recruiter for both of them (he's been the DL coach at Oklahoma since 1999). this is how they compare(d) as recruits:

    D.J. Ward, current freshman DE at Oklahoma [​IMG]
    --#106 on Scout150 (#11 DE), 4-star
    --#137 on ESPN150 (#12 DE), 4-star
    --#154 on Rivals200 (#6 WDE), 4-star
    --#191 on Top247 (#13 SDE), 4-star
    --offers: Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, Auburn, Tennessee, Kansas State, Texas Tech, Oregon State, Arizona

    Deondre Clark, current senior in Oklahoma City
    --#54 on Rivals100 (#6 SDE), 4-star
    --#111 on Scout150 (#15 DE), 4-star
    --#171 on Top246 (#11 SDE), 4-star
    --not on the ESPN150 (#29 DE), 4-star
    --offers: Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, LSU, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Notre Dame, Southern Cal, Texas, Texas A&M, Tennessee, Ole Miss, Miss State, Missouri, Clemson, Arizona, Washington State, Baylor, Texas Tech, Vandy

    Ward (left), Clark (right) in front of Douglass High's Moses F. Miller Stadium, which The Oklahoman ranked the #4 stadium in the OKC area as of 2011 (pointing out that Douglass was 20-3 since the stadium opened in 2007...it is 22 miles north of the Univ of Oklahoma and the Univ of Oklahoma football stadium)




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