2014 DE Deondre Clark Commits to LSU

Discussion in 'LSU RECRUITING' started by TigerTap, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. islstl

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    Keep in mind, his mother has been stricken with cancer unfortunately.

    So there is a chance the kid could decommit and go to OU instead to be close to home.

    Prayers for his family.
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  2. asignupe99

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    Prayers indeed for his family.

    There was an article in the Oklahoman that was linked on Dandy Don's website naming Clark the Defensive POY after gaining 22 sacks his senior year. He also RUSHED for over 1600 yards and like 20 scores.

    Of course all of the commenters were questioning whether he would be flipped to OU. One commenter posted something to the affect of a promise made to Clark's unce if OU beat Bama. Then said nice to meet him in Will Rogers. So it seems the commenter is alluding to some allegation of a possible flip to OU based on a promise to a family member after their performance against Bama. Again, this is only a comment on a news article so there is nothing to substantiate what was said.

    I don't think any of us would be surprised if he does choose to flip.
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  3. LaSalleAve

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    happens just about every year, an out of state commit, changes his mind and stays home.
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  4. ThePhenom74

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    Thats exactly why I never get too excited when an out of state kid commits early in the process.

    In this case though I can certainly understand him wanting to stay home to be close to his mom. Its different from caving in to family pressure. I hope this kid stays with LSU because he seems to have a ton of potential. However, I couldnt blame him for staying home under the circumstances. Either way I wish him, his mom, and family the best.
  5. LaSalleAve

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    Probably a good idea to not get excited until that LOI comes in. If Clark does it, and flips some others come to mind, Gunner Keil, Cassius Marsh, and I'm sure countless others.
  6. shane0911

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    I will ask around and keep my ear peeled to see if I can pick up on anything from the honks.
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  7. rachellsu01

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    Well if he does flip, I wouldn't have any ill feelings towards him especially because his mother is so ill...family is the most important
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  8. ParadiseiNC

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    but, hopefully, he doesn't. Just wanted to get that in there, lol.
  9. Winston1

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    I wouldn't compare him to Gunner.
  10. LaSalleAve

    LaSalleAve when in doubt, mumble

    Not meaning they are both alike or their situations are alike but simply as recruits that decommitted to stay close to home. Now this kid hasn't done that, but I in no way meant he is anything like Keil on or off the field.
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