News 2014 DE/OLB Sharieff Rhaheed De-Commits from LSU (impregnates his 14 year old cousin)

Discussion in 'LSU RECRUITING' started by islstl, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. ThePhenom74

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    Im not at all a fan of this situation and how it was handled by LSU. Plain and simple, if you have bigger fish that you feel you may be able to get then dont accept the kids commitment. I know it goes on everywhere but Im not a fan of it. Its dirty and dishonorable.
  2. red55

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    Not if the coaches are upfront about it and most are. Many early commitments are conditional upon grades, conduct, and performance. Recruits also know the numbers games and realize that all schools over-offer and an early commitment could be withdrawn. Recruits also exploit this. Many of them "collect offers" and flirt with several schools just to increase their visibility. Even if LSU withdraws an offer, the recruit's perceived value can increase because of LSU's interest and help him get another good school. Recruits and coaches play this game a lot.
  3. ThePhenom74

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    I can understand and accept the conditional commits due to grades, conduct, etc. However, when its a numbers game dont accept the commitment if you feel good about your chances with kids that are higher on your list. I also disagree with kids flirting with schools they know they wont attend, yet give them hope. Still, two wrongs dont make a right. Just my opinion.
  4. red55

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    I know how you feel. I get upset when we pull an offer very close to signing day, giving a kid few options to market himself. Dumping Deangelo Benton on the day before signing day in order to placate Reuben Randall and get his signature was ugly. But failing to upgrade a conditional offer in the summer gives a recruit plenty of time to find a home.

    It's sort of a dance for players on the borderline of SEC-caliber talent. They accept early conditional offers from a big school who are trying to keep an option on the fellow and keep him away from a second-tier school. If the roster fills up, he might be let go . . . or he might stick and get to sign with the big school. Or perhaps get a grayshirt offer and sign the next year. The coach must get the best 25 players that he can to compete with other schools doing the same thing. He has litttle choice but to over-offer and try to work things out the best he can.

    LSU has had only one signee that publicly complained about being grayshirted and transferred. But he's the starting center at LSU today.
  5. mobius481

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    Its definitely a shame but it does go both ways. These kids play the coaches too and leave them hanging in some instances. Obviously in this instance there's plenty of time to find a new school so it's not too bad. The kid we dumped for Gunner Kiel was a raw deal. Can't even remember his name any more but he's at Auburn.
  6. TigerTap


    Well...thank gawd Sharieff sent in a text alerting LSU coaches about his de-commitment. Classy..

  7. ThePhenom74

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    Take off the Purple and Gold glasses here bud. This is a kid who had his dream taken away by men basically triple his age. They accept his commitment, then take it away for someone else. LSU and its staff was the ones who were classless here.
  8. bhelmLSU

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    In this case the staff knew he wasn't really committed to LSU like most of the boards have been talking about over the last couple of months. LSU didn't take the offer or commitment off the table.
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  9. ThePhenom74

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    Thanks for the clarification. Im wrong on this one, let me eat some crow. I do feel that CLM is a pretty straight up guy the overwhelming majority of the time. Glad to hear Im wrong.

    I dont like the pulling of scholly offers and wont ever agree with it.
  10. bhelmLSU

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    I might be in the minority here but I am all for pulling scholarship offers. Many different situations... If a kid gets an offer then slacks in school or off the field then the conditional offer has to be pulled. Staffs also have to offer more prospects than they have room for because recruiting is a numbers game just like in real life situations like job searches. If you need 2 rbs and only offer 2 then you are going to be left in the dark most of the time. Also in the same case if you need 2 RBs and you have 1 or 2 already committed you must continue to recruit others because as we have seen commitments mean almost nothing and these prospects are entertaining other schools like the schools are entertaing other prospects.
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