News 2014 DE/OLB Sharieff Rhaheed De-Commits from LSU (impregnates his 14 year old cousin)

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    May not have pretty but damn sure a good decision by the staff. We must not forget this is a business that is run by professionals that jobs depend on 18-22 yr old men. Cutting and upgrading is not easy but a necessary evil to stay on top.
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    Sharieff Rhaheed1?5?? @reef_15
    Just talked to #LSU coach's about what happened and were we go from here. And #LSU is back in the mix and at the top of the list

    The kid now lists LSU at the top of his list.

    So who knows.

    I think he might be a backup plan if we fail on other prospects, but ultimately I think we get our guys and he ends up at Louisville.
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    I tend to agree that he is now a "plan b" or "plan c" if plan a doesn't pan out.

    Honestly, I think in 2014 LSU can go with Garrett as inside line backer and possibly be content with that, because it opens up other positions in greater need. Donnie Alexander might be a linebacker, but he also might be a safety.
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    Petrino to Sharieff, "just don't take her for a ride son".
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    He already did, apparently.
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    Shades of irony.....he must have


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