2014 OLB Dwight Williams

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  1. islstl

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    6'1" 205 lbs Gardena, CA

    UCLA is in the driver's seat (allegedly).

    He is supposed to take an official visit to LSU in the middle of January.

    He is also supposed to be making his announcement at the US Army All-American game. Some rumblings going on that there will a significant announcement in LSU's favor for this game (Kenny Young is playing in that game but isn't scheduled to announce as of now). Not sure if maybe this kid may be it. But he hasn't visited, so I can't see that being the case.
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    According to 247, he's currently trending 42% for Oklahoma to 33% for UCLA.
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    UCLA? My inquisitive search to learn a little something about this kid, lead me to this: http://thefootballbrainiacs.com/ou-oklahoma-sooners-football-recruiting-2014-dwight-williams
    This tells me that UCLA, isn't in his top 5. Hope the significant announcement wasn't just that, LSU will be one of the five hats on his table.
  4. islstl

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    Thanks for the correction. Yes the trending lately has been heavily OU. He is actually expected to sign with them.
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    This is Adoree's teammate that LSU has been after some late in the game.
  6. islstl

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