2014 QB Brandon Harris Commits to LSU

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    ANNOUNCMENT STREAMED HERE: http://espn.go.com/blog/ncfrecruiti.../id/42387/live-commitment-brandon-harris-3-et

    Or watch it on ESPNU.

    Brandon Harris, 2014 consensus 4-star QB from Parkway HS (Bossier City, LA), was interviewed on 104.5 FM (ESPN Baton Rouge) on July 1. If you have not heard the interview, I encourage you to do so. Brandon is a thoughtful, articulate young man. INTERVIEW

    As of today, the Crystal Ball predictions at 247 Sports have Harris committing to LSU by nearly a 2:1 ratio compared to Auburn. LINK

    In the interview he speaks very highly of Coach Cam Cameron and LSU's revamped offense.

    As of July 4, 2013, neither LSU nor Auburn has a QB commit for the Class of 2014, and Harris is the highest rated prospect on both school's boards.

    His confidence and the frequent references to spiritual faith remind me of current LSU QB, Anthony Jennings (2013 signee).
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    1BIGTIGER Veteran Member

    I hope I am wrong but I get the feeling he is AU bound he can probably see the field a lot sooner there. I again hope I am wrong and he is in P&G. He seems like a good kid from interviews I have seen.
  3. bhelmLSU

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    Not worried as of now. LSU still very much in the drivers seat. Think he wants to build speculation.
  4. islstl

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    My bet right now is Auburn. Chance to start right away vs sitting for a while to get his chance at LSU. That will be the deciding factor, unfortunately.

    He is a good kid and does fit into what type of players Miles loves to recruit. He's by far our #1 prospect at the QB position, so hopefully we get him and can be done with QB.
  5. TigerTap

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    So his decision is whether to get real NFL training from Cam Cameron, or be a "System" QB, trained by the High School pedigreed Gus Malzahn? Is instant promised playing time really worth more than real QB training? Decision should be interesting..
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  6. islstl

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    I don't know, but Cam Newton is doing alright at the next level.

    Haven't seen an ex LSU QB really make it as of yet, although we'll finally get to see it this season with Flynn.

    It's the early PT and what the kid thinks of a Malzahn run offense vs a Cam run offense.

    Being a dual threat QB, he may think he can flourish in the fast paced use all my skills type of system.
  7. TigerTap

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    But Newton was trained by Dan Mullen at Florida, then lit it up in Juco. Is MooU involved at all? I see Meyer is. Another thing is that Newton was freak athlete, whereas Harris can't rely on his big size & huge arm strength. He's going to need QB smarts to make it if he wants to go the NFL, IMO.
  8. islstl

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    I agree tap, but what is the kid thinking? That's what we don't know. You gotta believe Malhzan is selling this angle to the hilt.
  9. red55

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    Too young to remember Bert Jones, eh? Y. A. Tittle is in the NFL Hall of Fame and was HUGE when I was a kid.

    David Woodley started with the dolphins as a rookie and took them to the Super Bowl. Then they signed Marino and Woodley drank himself into an early grave.

    But in the last 30 years only Hodson has ever flirted with a starting NFL job . . . excepting Russell, who quickly proved that he was not an NFL starter or even an NFL reserve. I thought that Mauck, Booty, and Davey might make it as reserves, but no. Flynn has made it as a reserve and has a long shot to step it up.
  10. islstl

    islstl Playoff committee is a group of great football men Staff Member

    Referring to recent times, you know the time period recruits for 2014 can remember. Nobody is selling this kid on Y.A. or Bert.

    Speaking of Bert Jones, I still remember that special season he had and what could have been. He was headed for the Hall of Fame potentially.

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