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2014 S Jamal Adams Commits to LSU

Discussion in 'LSU RECRUITING' started by islstl, Dec 11, 2013.

  1. islstl

    islstl Occupy the BCS

    Charles Power, from BamaOnLine, has the highest success rate at over 92 % on his predictions. He has Adams going to LSU.

    He hasn't switched his vote yet on Hootie, still has him with Bama. He has Brown, Dupre, Noil and Willis all going to LSU.

    Interestingly, he has not cast his vote on Fournette.
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  2. bhelmLSU

    bhelmLSU Veteran Member

    After Bama missed on CJ Hampton they are in a bind and have no choice but to keep pushing for Hootie. Well I guess they have a choice and target other guys committed elsewhere. The other wrinkle is CJ and Hootie are close and may end up playing together at Ole Miss if LSU decides to pass on Hootie which is a possibility but not determined yet.
  3. islstl

    islstl Occupy the BCS

    That would probably push the Ole Miss class into the top 10 at year's end if that happens.
  4. ParadiseiNC

    ParadiseiNC don't worry, be happy

    So, do you think Hootie wants to come to LSU now and we are not offering yet? Is it Adams OR Hootie, or would we not take both? or would Adams not come if we also offer Hootie?
  5. islstl

    islstl Occupy the BCS

    Since he wants to be an early enrollee in the Spring, supposedly Jones has already signed LOI's with both Bama and LSU, binding both universities to honor their commitment depending on which school he chooses. We don't have a confirmation of the LOI signings, and rivals has never listed it as such.

    Adams is our #1 priority. Jones just took a huge drop of 50 spots in the 247sports rankings, so rumblings are that he isn't the ultra elite talent once thought to be (not that he has turned into a schmuck either).
  6. bhelmLSU

    bhelmLSU Veteran Member

    I did hear that Hootie wants in at LSU and they have reached out to LSU but LSU isn't ready and may not take him at all. Remember LSU went all out for him on and tried everything to make him and his mom a top priority his last official visit. A bunch of sources said they came into the visit with the attitude that we couldn't do anything to completely satisfy them (Mainly his mom's attitude). Well I think they used that as their cop out to commit to Bama and also spread that LSU didn't treat them well on their official visit to LSU and Bama writers. And now all of a sudden he wants back into the fold. LSU isn't stupid and we have made too much headway with Adams to take a chance to ruin that progress.

    I don't know if it would hurt our chances with Adams. I haven't heard one way or the other from his side.

    Also, there was rumblings last night that Hootie will not be an early enrollee now. I think we will see the staff and Hootie sit down and discuss this later if he is still uncommitted. But LSU has decided they can live without Hootie.
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  7. ParadiseiNC

    ParadiseiNC don't worry, be happy

    awesome info. thanks. makes better sense now.
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  8. Contained Chaos

    Contained Chaos I'm self-smart

    It does make sense and I love the narrative. I don't want our staff to be jerked around by some fickle teenager who tried to make fools out of them.
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  9. sslewis1965

    sslewis1965 Not Dark Yet

    No confirmation of LOI signings...because there were none.

    I think there's interest in Hootie Jones, but some other prospects in other areas of need (especially linemen) are warming up and might fill-up the numbers so that there's not room for Hootie. If Adams verbally commits to LSU on January 2, there's a good case that another DB is not needed in the 2014 class.
  10. islstl

    islstl Occupy the BCS

    The trending for Jamal Adams since Nov 26th has been 100 % LSU (19 voters).

    The last person to change his vote is from Horns247, switching from Texas to LSU.

    Initially there were 18 for Texas and 16 for Florida, now 7 have switched from Texas to LSU, and 5 from Florida to LSU.
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